Austria can't get recruits because of obesity

According to the military physician Wolfgang Gherla, the average weight of recruits is now 75 pounds. At the same time, the proportion of men weighing more than 100 pounds has increased more than two times. In Vienna from 11 thousand recruits about one thousand deemed unfit. “The increase in the statistical growth of recruits one centimeter does not justify such a large increase in weight. In all likelihood that this negative trend will continue in the future”, – the expert believes.

Photo: Alexander Halperin/RIA Novosti In Austria, citizens can have a virtual garden

the Girl believes that this development is due to a number of reasons. In the society prosperity in the menu of children and adolescents are increasingly fast food with high fat content and sugary drinks, and the lack of adequate physical activity over time, this leads to disruption of body weight. On the other hand, better work drafting commissions, which put the correct diagnosis. Young people with obesity often reveal problems with the heart and bones. In addition, do not call in an army of people with asthma, allergies and various mental disorders, such as depression. Only 20 per cent of conscripts fit under the category of “completely healthy”.

the army is not sitting idly by. From the budget of the defense Ministry allocated two million euros for the implementation of inititive “Children moving for health”, which allows a greater number of students and kindergartners to engage in various sports clubs. As the newspaper notes, because of the difficulties with an appeal in Austria with 2021 in the Swiss model will introduce the category of “partially suitable”. Recruits who are unable to carry the field service, will be busy in the kitchen and do other utility work or to help the staffs as assistants.