It should have been a trip to a beautiful hen night. But it ended in tragedy. The terrible incident happened on 8. September 2018 in lower Austria. The bride travels with her Friends and Acquaintances on a decorated trailer. The tractor creates a curve and flips.

Six women hurt themselves badly, and seven slightly injured. Among the seriously injured: The young 26-year-old bride-to-be. Hours later, she dies in the hospital it is not a cure for head and thorax injuries (EYES reported).

Now the horror accident legal was worked-up table: The tractor driver, who was none other than the brother of the bride, was the grossly negligent homicide, negligent injury and negligent common hazard found guilty. This is the Online Portal of the newspaper “Österreich”.

The court sentenced him to ten months ‘ conditional imprisonment and a € 9,000 fine. The probationary period is three years.

10 km/h were the maximum allowed

The court saw it as proven that the Handlebar with the Team to forcefully push on the Gas, and the high speed caused the fatal accident.

A report came to the conclusion that the driver of the leagues has a curve in a right angle with 25 to 30 km/h on the road. The trailer with benches for the people in order to be admitted to transport, would have been 10 km/h allowed.

The brother must have to because of the conditional punishment for the time being, not prison. His lawyer said that his client “didn’t get the true sentence” with the death of his sister already. The now 26-year-old brother told the court that he had built the trailer himself.

judge shows compassion

He pleaded guilty – he said: “I know the curve, I’m driven.” He didn’t want to overtake a cyclist, in “the dynamics of the Situation” he wouldn’t have thought clearly. “Everyone was in a good mood,” he recalled.

A judge criticized him, however, that he had “overlooked risk-increasing factors” and little have thought. The defendant had made a “massive mistake”. Finally, the single judge showed compassion: “I feel for you, what happened.” The judgment is not yet final. (pma)