The balance sheet of the Australian crisis, summer, the, the intergovernmental panel on climate change published on Wednesday.

Almost 80 per cent of all Australians were affected by the consequences of the months-long fires, directly or indirectly, said the Climate Council.

“I have been fighting for 50 years against fire, and an Australian summer like this, I have never experienced,” said the former fire chief of the hardest-hit state of New South Wales, Greg Mullins. Of climate change have fueled the still-seen-before fire. According to the report were received between November and February in the case of the insurance companies in four States to 23’000 damage reports.

12.5 million hectares of Land destroyed

a Total of burned in Australia over a number of months to 12.5 million hectares, which is more than a third of the area of Germany. 33 people died, 3000 houses were destroyed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of a “Black summer” for the country. Particularly bad is the Situation in January and in the Southeast was. In the past few weeks, the rain helped to bring the situation under control, he triggered but also Floods. (SDA)