Adam Sky (†42) is killed in a tragic accident in a luxury resort on Bali killed. The Australian Star-DJ and music producer, the citizen is contractually Adam Neat, and especially in Asia, successes celebrated, and died, because he wanted to help a friend: On Saturday morning the woman was, according to the “Sydney Morning Herald” the personal assistant to the musician rushed to a private terrace four meters in depth and several of the bones broke in the horror fall.

He struck a pane of glass have a

Adam Sky then investigators under smashed a glass door and rush to her aid. The musicians moved according to the “Nine’s News” lethal cut wounds and bled to death finally. As the “Daily Mail” reported, were naked, both the DJ as well as his assistant. The police believe that the two had been drinking prior to the accident of alcohol.

“it is With great sadness that we confirm that Adam Neat was involved in a fatal accident, as he wanted to help a friend. These had suffered on Saturday, several bone fractures in Bali”, it says in the official Statement on the death of the DJs on its Facebook page. “Relatives and friends of Adam will now travel to Bali and will take care of everything.”

Adam Sky lived in Singapore and had, according to his website, with Top 100 and Top 10 of more Chart positions in Asia than any other producer. The Australians, among other things, with measures such as Fatboy Slim (55) and Paul Oakenfold (55) on the stage. The musician is survived by his wife, Marvie, Jean, with which he has been since 2006-married to. (kad)