The Australian cardinal, a former Vatican Finance chief George Pell has been sentenced by the end of February due to child abuse (LOOK told). Now, the court announced in Melbourne, the criminal mass: of The 77-Year-old needs to for a period of six years in prison.

the presiding judge, Peter Kidd remained well below the possible maximum sentence of 50 years. Pell denies all the allegations. The former Confidante of Pope Francis goes against the judgment in appeal.

live performance judge evaluates as a criminal reducing

The Curia, the cardinal had already been in December a jury found guilty to have in the 1990s, two of the then 13-year-old choir boys abused. At that time, Pell Archbishop of the Australian metropolis. Since the end of February, he is already sitting in prison. The appeal trial will probably start in June. Criminal-reducing judge Kidd evaluated, among other things, Pells age, his health and his life.

As chief financial officer, the Australian was practically the number three of the Vatican. Pell was also one of the closest advisors of the Pope. He is the highest-ranking Catholic cleric who was convicted of sexual abuse of Minors. Because of the allegations he had already, two years ago, taking a leave of absence. Officially, he was chief financial officer until February in the office. (nim/SDA)