After criticism from the hairdressers pull the government a 30-minute rule in the back of hairdressing salons and barbers.

The australian government has abandoned a time limit of 30 minutes in hairdressing, which was introduced as part of it to keep distance to each other due to coronavirusset.

It happens after massive criticism of the measure, which, according to the association of hairdressers in Australia threatened the country’s 40,000 to hairdressers on their livelihood.

on Tuesday decided the australian government to introduce a rule in effect from midnight to Thursday, to hairdressers and barbers are not allowed to have customers in more than 30 minutes at a time to prevent the spread of the virus.

– This decision is scandalous, ” said the director of the Australian Hairdressing Council Sandy Chong subsequently.

While many shave can clear a mandeklipning within the time frame, it is not possible for most hairdressing salons.

Following the criticism, prime minister Scott Morrison on Thursday issued a statement that the time limit will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

After receiving feedback relating to the practical implementation of the announced measures for hairdressers and barbers will the 30-minute rule be repealed, says Scott Morrison.

Hairdressing salons and barbers must, however, continue to comply with the new rules stating that only allowed one person per four square feet in the premises, points out the prime minister.

the government of Australia has not declared a lockdown as a result of coronavirusset, but have asked people to leave their homes to go to work and act.

Restaurants and pubs are closed, with the exception of the takeaway and delivery.

In the course of the night for Thursday (local time), dead three more people in Australia as a result of the Covid-19. This brings the total death toll stands at 11.

the Country has more than 2500 confirmed smittetilfælde.