With graceful steps, kick the old lady out of the building to the Lausanne-based business school, is smiling and hugging a young woman who imagines her. Would the joy of life a Person, she would be here now in the flowered Blazer between marble staircases and tall glass Windows.

The American psychologist Edith Eva Eger has an irrepressible charm. With a sparkle in her bright blue eyes, the 91 swings-Year-old a leg up in the air. It is your way of showing that she survived.

in 1944, in a barrack on the site of the concentration camp at Auschwitz, Edith Eva, 16 years old, shaved bald, rotates in front of the eyes of concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele pirouettes, throws her leg in the air. “I dance in hell”, will remind you later on in your biography. Only a few hours earlier, Mengele sent her mother to death in the gas chamber. The young Ballerina is dancing for her life, she’s scared.

Still as it swirls in the dust, but also aware of the fact that the murderer of your mother is much more pathetic than yourself: “I am free in the spirit, and the will, he can never be. He will always have to live with what he has done. He is more a prisoner than I am.”

you believe in the Good

That she has experienced untold suffering, not more notes one Edith Eva Eger today. On The Contrary. She travels the world to teach love. Because she still believes in the Good in people. And you told in Lausanne, its history, the slender fingers gently over each other, she does it without hate. “I would hate, I would be still a prisoner,” she says.

The Jewess, Edith Eva is growing up in Hungary, dances ballet and is a turn-on, to participate in the Olympic Games. Are you experiencing the initial fear of war, but also her first love. She has big dreams. However, with the invasion of the Nazis, and your nightmare begins. Edith Eva, her eldest sister Magda, mother and father are sent to Auschwitz, where both parents will be immediately murdered.

on the same day Edith to dance, Eva for Mengele, for this man with the “cold eyes”. “I don’t know where we are going or what will happen, but always remember: no one can take that away from you, what’s in your head”, had told her mother on the way to a concentration camp. Edith Eva has never forgotten it. On 4. In may 1945, discovered by an American soldier on a pile of dead people, barely alive. But with unbridled desire.

Minute by Minute. I said to myself every day: If I survive today, can I see tomorrow my friend.

no, when I came home, I learned that he was shot. The day before our liberation.

After my rescue, I was in the hospital, the skin barely covered my bones, I was very sick. And me, the reality never caught up with, my parents are coming back. I was suicidal. But then I decided for life and not asked myself: Why me? But: What comes now?

What I learned in Auschwitz, brought me to what I do now. I’ve learned that there is no healing without grief. I will lead the people out of the prison in your mind in freedom. Everyone has the key in his own pocket. I wish I could have been with Hitler sitting down to talk with him and acknowledge that he had a lot of grief. There is a Hitler in all of us. And I will do everything in my Power to prevent my children, grandchildren and Urgrosskinder be to have an experience like I have.

whatever you learn, you get better at it, even in Fear and Hate. One should not condemn these people, or in front of you run away, but listen to them.

Our biggest enemy is ignorance. You should never deny the truth of another. If someone says there was no Holocaust, then you should not say: “Yes, it was.” But: “Tell me more about it.” Because this is his view on the world.

I can’t do more to be desired than a life full of joy. Perhaps these people had no caring mother or you are trapped in the idea of the Superiority of the white race. These people think the victims are weak and the offender strong. They identify with the perpetrators and worship Hitler. You know, “Today Germany and tomorrow the whole world”, the young man makes an impression. Once I worked in the USA with a 14-Year-old, said to me: “Hey, Doc, it’s time that America is back and white. I’m going to all the Jews and Blacks, all the Mexicans and Asians to kill.” As I could and shake him up and tell him: “You know who you’re talking to. I saw my mother in the gas chamber, go!”

God said to me that I should find the intolerance in me. I opened me. Only then I was able to provide an environment in which this young man feel all his feelings and was able to show, without fear of condemnation. I said: Tell me more. And he never knew anything about my history. This is what I do. You can’t heal if you don’t feel anything.

two years Ago, Eger has written the story of your life. It is more than a car to become biography. In “The Choice” describes them well, how to overcome a Trauma. In spite of what she has experienced, is marked in your life today of love. You want to work up to the end of their life and help people. To hate, instead of dance Eger is still the dance of life. And every Sunday Swing.

Edith Eva Eger, 1927, the youngest of three children born in Hungary, was deported to Auschwitz in 1944 and 1945, in the Mauthausen-outer bearing liberated Gunskirchen. After the end of the war, she met her future husband and moved with him to the United States. She became a mother, took up with Martin Luther King to protest marches part, and did her PhD in psychology. They are specialized to help U.S. army soldiers Overcome their trauma. Eger, who now lives in California, and four times great-grandmother. Last week, they stopped at the Lausanne University, IMD a lecture in leadership program.