Aurus - our? FSO told details about Russian limousines

Director of Museum and exhibition technical center of motor club of FSO Sergey Paradjanov announced that project cars Aurus are purely Russian development.

According to him, which leads RIA Novosti, Aurus – completely Russian car designed for its platform from scratch, and in the context of international sanctions.

“Here’s an example Aurus, which now is, this is, in fact, has been created from scratch a platform from scratch created the car. It is clear that in terms of sanctions, we could not use foreign components. We ascribe, it is taken here and there, but forget about sanctions. Even if we wanted to, we could not. Aurus – domestic car,” he said.

this Paradjanov added that during the development of the Aurus took not only the best solutions to the cars, but borrowed the proven ideas of the Soviet automobile industry.

In early March, we wrote that the number of people wishing to buy a luxury Aurus exceeded 700 people.

As reported earlier, the industrial Assembly of sedans Aurus Senat facilities of group Sollers in the zone “Alabuga” will start only in 2021, most likely in the spring. About a year after this will start Assembly of SUV Komendant. What proportion of orders total applications for the SUV is unknown, but previously, the project management stated that “Commandant” should become the most mass machine of the brand – if in the case of production of 5 thousand copies a year we can talk about mass.

Aurus Komendant not yet officially declassified. According to some reports, the company will introduce a luxury SUV at the Moscow exhibition in August, and certification procedures will be completed by the end of this year.

Text: Avtovesti