today, in Asia, it offers for a few thousand euros a woman-friendly, silent, faithful, docile, without ever contradict his ” spouse “, and immune to headaches ! Is this the definition of an ideal partner ? Must we, French, we worry about the arrival of future in our country of these women algorithmisées ? Shall we meet by the acquisition of partner robots male listener, romantic, faithful and caring ? Hard to imagine when we know that these loves of substitution are currently only female, from a design heavily biased to heterosexual men mainly ! After the war of the sexes and the confusion of genres, we enter in the conflict of loves : algorithmic against sentimental. Choose now your camp, because one thing is certain the love of an algorithm will not win with us!!!

Many point to the cultural dimension of romance that characterizes us, us French, to support this idea. But this positioning has strength only if the technical dimension is also discussed. What is the future technology for these robots sex ? The human incarnation realistic seems to be accessible in the future with the creation of materials that mimic the texture, color and temperature of the human skin, as well as its change over time, depending on the situations, such as excitement or rest. The anatomy and the aesthetics, even today unbearably homogeneous, diversify in the future. For the interaction, verbal and mechanical of this love of substitution with the individual to be filled, they will necessarily be improved. To say otherwise would be naive or even misleading.

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Our defects are our charm

But this is to forget an important point the feeling of love : the brain is the first sexual organ ! Without going so far as to decide that we are all sapiosexuels, our brain acts and interacts with the environment to trigger and animate our excitement and our love as a feeling. To hope to win the battle, this cluster algorithms of a few thousand euros will have to arm themselves with a general intelligence and emotions. We would be in a post-technological singularity. Difficult to imagine ! Because this would require a mapping and comprehensive analysis of the dynamic behavior of the human brain in order to model and simulate its operation. Even an infinite source of computing power would not be able to decipher its entire complex behavior and abstract. These robots sex and company will only simulate a feeling of love, but not the experience ever !

digital technology is not the solution to everything and it is love that proves it. Love is not as mechanical and systematic, it is also intellectual, surprising, paradoxical and plural. Our defects are our charm. Often awkward, but always loving, here is THE definition of the ideal man !

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