Too little range, too expensive and where is all this power? “These are just three of the common reservations about electric mobility”, says Peter Schmid, head of the recently opened Audi E-Tron Experience centre at Zurich’s Utoquai. For nearly ten years, the Stromer also in Switzerland, to travel. But vehicles still rule a lot of uncertainty, issues such as charging infrastructure, and the everyday practicality of electric vehicles.

“We want to break down prejudices,” says Dieter Jermann, brand chief for Audi of Switzerland, about the Center. On 350 square meters of exhibits and Info answer Screens and, of course, the experts until the end of the year at the world’s first Info-point of the brand, all the issues related to electric mobility. “We have no sellers here,” says Schmid. It’s Audi, go here for Information, not the sales figures.

the future

shown A copy of the beginning of the year, launched the Audi E-Tron is ready for test drives. But it’s also about the electric future of the brand, which is symbolized by the Concept Car PB18 from last year. Here, the up to 774 HP strong sports car should have even chances to small-scale production. Together with the group’s parent company Audi is currently focused on the electric drive. “In the next few months we are going to show here to further studies and prototypes,” says Jermann.

Jermann sees the Center as a pilot project: “We are here to learn on the basis of the reactions as well as the visitors.” It is not excluded that this concept will continue after the end of this year, in a different place.

next weekend the formula E. Audi rolled out on the city course in Bern is also at the Utoquai shown FE05 at the Start. Audi Motorsport boss Dieter Gass don’t know yet what is waiting for the Team. “The course is assembled only from Thursday.” So far, his drivers could take the route only on the Simulator under the magnifying glass. Therefore, a lot of respect in front of the runway remains: “In Bern, you go up and down; other formula-E-courses are much flatter,” says factory driver Daniel Abt, who is already since the first season of the electric racing series.