it’s high time for a new version of the smallest Audi model. Because last year a competitor Mini to hit him at the sales figures and. And because of this is with stickers, and more colors of paint to customize, you can order such a decoration now also available for the Audi A1: Our test car rolls out in turbo blue with roof in Mythos black. Cool: The white rims from the S-Line equipment, the appearance, such as the extra expensive wheels of the Audi Sport Quattro from 1983. Supposedly this is supposed to have inspired Over-the-Audi also the slots under the front hood.

The A1 looks almost like the predecessor from 2010. Is now but also on VWs modular Transverse matrix. Means for us: Major dimensions (eight inches in length, nine inches more wheelbase) and thus more space. But The three-door has been deleted; there is only the five-door. The centre console is now angled towards the driver, Navi, monitor, and optional virtual instruments are also new. Diesel is not list in the price.

Visually, the five-seater. The light graphics on the front and rear, paint and wheels anyway. With the changes in the proportions, he also acts as an adult. Great: The really high-quality interior with Alcantara, center armrest, heated seats – however, all at a surcharge. The display graphic is sharper than many a Smartphone, the air there is through lush nozzles in Abundance and classic buttons and controls for air-conditioning and some wizard. The Cockpit seems so equally proper as in the larger Audi models.

The bright colorful ambient light, we switched off all the same, however, because in the dark, uncomfortable in the outer reflecting mirror. Not quite so easy to turn off the audible artificial engine sound that is played via a sports drive program is activated in the interior and also the Sport Quattro is intended to remind. There is, however, only as an Option in the so-called dynamic package, Performance, (980 Fr.). A little heavier, the A1 is also and rear for adults to sit, although better than in the predecessor, but still a little short.

The one-liter three-cylinder with 116 HP is quieter than many four-cylinder and shouts quietly to himself. In Normal driving program the automatic dual-clutch transmission when pulling off, slowing him a little. “Sports”, and already look different: Quick Response, fast Turn – thanks to the sporty, but not at all uncouth chassis, it doesn’t stop even with the winding country roads. The driving dynamics of the Mini drives away the new A1 so. Only 116 HP? You can hardly believe it. However, the small engine needs high revs – and the hit at the pump on the mind.

a Fine small car with strong suspension and a great interior. In the it is, however, a lot of money for options, if you want to bring him to the level of the test car.

1.0-R3-turbo diesel, 116 HP (85 kW), 200 Nm@2000 rpm, 7-speed automatic (dual-clutch), front-wheel drive
drive performance
0-100 km/h in 9.4 s, top 203 km/h
L/B/H = 4,03/1,74/1,41 m, 1180 kg, the trunk 335-1090 l
power consumption
work/Test 4,8/7,2 l/100 km, 108/approx 167 g CO2/km, energy C
list rates
27’600 Fr. (Base: 25 TFSI, 95 HP, 70 kW, 25’700 Fr.), Test Car 51’217 Fr. (inclusive of options: Park assist, Navi, Alcantara, synthetic leather, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, etc.)
Pretty and great crafted interior, sharp display, sporty chassis, and connectivity
a Little tight in the rear, speed-hungry and, therefore, not economical, not really-effective