MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. In Russia in time reveal infection with a coronavirus, so doctors have time to quickly start the treatment, said the chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health Elena Malinnikova in the program “Thank you, doctor” on YouTube channel “Soloviev LIVE”.

the Specialist noted that under the mean mortality ratio number of deaths from COVID-19 to the average population. According to Malinnikova, in Russia this figure is 5.5 cases per million people, and this figure is growing slower than in many European States.

in addition, the Russians in time turn to the experts, late cases are rare, said infectious disease.

Earlier, the representative of the world health organisation Melita Vujnović also noted the low mortality from COVID-19 in Russia. According to her, these indicators due to the fact that Russian health care is organized systematically, and infected patients are receiving treatment.

In Russia, COVID-19 diagnosed 145 286 people, of which 1356 were killed and more than 18 thousand recovered. In the world, according to who, the coronavirus has infected at least 3.3 million people, 240 thousand of them died.