Attorney General's office found new fakes of coronavirus in Facebook, Twitter and

Russian Prosecutor General’s office revealed the new fakes that are distributed in social networks associated with coronavirus COVID-19. False information was published in “Vkontakte”, Twitter and Facebook.

In a social network “Vkontakte” on the page of the group “Lentech” one of the users spoke in favor of the approval of a coronavirus that allegedly used to destroy humanity. This information is incorrect, it can create the preconditions for mass violations of public order and security.

Twitter page, “Today we must be patient” was reported about the alleged numerous victims of the coronavirus in Russia. This information was confirmed by “experts”.

In Facebook, prosecutors revealed the publication of one of the users who disseminated information about alleged numerous cases of infection with coronavirus in the Crimea.

In connection with the discovery of false information the state office of public Prosecutor has addressed in Roskomnadzor, reported on the Agency’s website.

the Users of social networks, instant messengers should be used with caution refers to various reports from unverified sources associated with the spread COVID-19. You should not believe a variety of voice and text messages, recorded by “experts”, friends and so on. Often they are false.

Earlier it was reported about the spread of social networks and messengers of the document about the alleged introduction in Moscow the curfew. This information is not true, therefore the Prosecutor General’s office asked to remove it from Twitter.