Nathan and Gowry required to do the impossible. Just a normal life in safety. You have found it. In Bümpliz. On Sunday, it has been taken from them. By a suicide bomber. Of all people in the country once the violence escaped.

your life and the lives of many Tamils in Switzerland. Born in a time that was marked read by tensions between Hindu Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese, in a village in the North of Sri Lanka. The origin of these tensions goes back to the colonial period. The UK preferred at the time, the minority of the Tamils against the majority population. And although the British went peacefully, they created the breeding ground for a civil war. In 1983, conflict broke out. Nathan and Gowry in the middle of it. In war there is no security. A normal life but needs safety. The two fled. Like hundreds of thousands of other Tamils.

more Difficult to Start in Switzerland

in 1990, they reached Switzerland. It is only the weather was not related to the cold, which gave the refugees here. The Tamils were seen as the epitome of the Stranger, and received, the to feel. Was coined the first time by the constant fear of Repatriation.

Nathan and Gowry were not to be deterred. Unabated of their desire for a normal life. So you made it how many Tamils: they went into the kitchen. Nathan in an old age home. Gowry was help cook and cleaning woman. Both learned English, worked hard. Not dependent on anyone they wanted to be and made it. Soon they were parents and the three children are their greatest joy. About the war, not languages. Although the mummy had probably experienced Heavy, as the 27-year-old daughter says. What mattered was the present: the education of The children, the moments when Gowry Sri Lankan dishes cooked, and all sat together at the table – a normal life, finally!

The civil war in Sri Lanka went on. 100 000 died in the conflict, which ended only ten years ago. Again, the family travelled together in the old country: a foreign country for the children – and now also for their parents.

respect for people

her home was long ago in Switzerland. Never again Nathan and Gowry from Bümpliz way want. At Christmas there is Raclette, under the Christmas tree gifts. The family visited the Hindu temple, Gowry on Sunday to the Church. Respect for all people, all Religion, they taught their children. What can cause hatred that you have experienced in Sri Lanka.

in 2011, they took in the Bernese Lorraine-quarters of a Kiosk. Seven days of the week it is open from early until late. He is your second home. And for some of the district’s residents an enhanced living room. People will find here what you are missing out often – heat. Whether Professor or Marginalised: Nathan and Gowry treat all people with the same respect.

The daughter married two years ago, the older son studied the younger makes a doctrine. All of them have the Swiss Pass. The Sri Lankan passport of Nathan and Gowry but is about to expire. Allows you to the your here in Switzerland renew. It takes eight nerve twitching months, until she has a new one; the bureaucracy in Sri Lanka, the corruption… The father decides to travel to Sri Lanka to renew his passport there.

Lovely way to travel up on the morning of Easter

Gowry doesn’t want to go. But the holidays are long, even longer the last visit in the old country. In addition, Nathan wants to visit his sister. So they decide to add, together with the sons. The passport renewal is easy, a visit to the sister beautiful. And yet it has come back home with him, in Switzerland. In a voice message Gowry ask your daughter what she should bring with her from Sri Lanka. It is the last message. On Easter morning they wanted to eat Breakfast at the Hotel, then drive to the airport. Two people, hoping to soon be grandparents. As a man enters the room, has no idea how to live. He blows in the air.

The sons are still in the room. You are living in.

On Friday, met you in Switzerland. With you, the parents. Nathan was 61 years old, Gowry 56. Tomorrow, Monday, will be buried.

The Tamils in Toffen, BE praying on Friday night in their temple for the couple. You know, what did it cost here to build a life. Because it is your history. And you know that a normal life in safety to this world, not a matter of course.

kids want to Kiosk lead

in Front of the Kiosk residents lay flowers. You can’t believe Nathan and Gowry come back. These two people who wanted to live a normal life and so exceptional. Extraordinary presence, extraordinary hard-working, exceptionally warm-hearted.

The two sons are in the future, to live with her sister and her husband. And the Kiosk together: “We know what that means mommy and daddy this Kiosk.” You will live in it.

Even when the pain covered everything, say the three: “The hatred will not prevail.” It is what have you taught your parents.