Attempts by the U.S. President Donald trump to attack his main opponent in the election of the representative of the Democratic party, former Vice President Joe Biden ineffective. This writes the Politico.

according to the publication, earlier, trump criticized the mental capacity of Biden and said that he too sympathetic to China, but recently decided to change its strategy. Now the head of state is trying to submit his opponent as a politician who defends the interests of the radical left. In particular, trump repeatedly said that the former Vice President is a puppet of the more progressive representatives of the democratic party, including the youngest Congresswoman USA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Therefore, the President hopes to avert his opponent yet to be determined with their sympathies of voters who hold moderate views.

However, judging by the results of a poll conducted by Politico, together with the Morning Consult, while attempts trump was not successful. So, only 17 percent of respondents said they consider Biden a more liberal politician than the rest of the Democrats. At the same time, about two-thirds of respondents believe that former Vice-President in this respect does not differ from other representatives of either party is even more conservative than his party. In addition, the survey showed that about 23 percent of the electorate appreciate Biden as a moderate politician, while trump consider only 9 percent.

“In the Democratic party just passed the primaries, in which all the left attacked Biden. It’s all still fresh in the minds of people in addition to the fact that he was the last 30 years was a Senator and Vice President. I don’t think anyone can mistake it for lead, confrontational progressivist,” — said the publication of the former Congressman from Pennsylvania, Republican Ryan Costello (Ryan Costello).

At the same time the headquarters trump believe that the failure of such a strategy stems from the fact that Republicans have not yet launched a dedicated campaign on television. In future, when clips of Biden will start appearing on TV, emergency much more imbued with the idea that he is not committed to such moderate views as it seems, said the office of the incumbent leader, the United States.

In June it became known that trump was given the task to find a new insulting nickname for his rival in the presidential election. The President’s team came to the conclusion that the long-standing nickname of “sleepy Joe” does not work on the anti-Biden. Thus the American leader has declined in his Twitter from the epithet “sleepy” in favor of “corrupt” that can also help in the demonization of Biden.