Attack on team bus – Long prison sentence for Sergei W. The assassin on the BVB Bus was acquitted of the attempted murder guilty. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, the public Prosecutor had demanded life imprisonment. © Photo: Marcel Kusch/dpa

sentenced to one and a half years after the bomb attack on the football player of Borussia Dortmund (BVB), the regional court of Dortmund, Sergei W. to 14 years in prison. The 29-Year-old has spoken of the 28-times the murder trial, guilty. The presiding judge Peter Windgätter informed. The prosecution had demanded life imprisonment.

W. acted according to the court, out of greed. According to the indictment, his goal, to kill with the bombs players and thus to bring the price of the BVB share price to crash.

Next to the team bus were on the evening of the 11. April 2017, after the departure from the team hotel l’arrivée three with metal pins fitted with explosives exploded. The former BVB player Marc Bartra, and a police officer were injured. The official is now incapacitated.

The bombs should have deposited W. the public Prosecutor’s office, according to a length of twelve meters in a hedge. As the Bus happened to 19.16 clock to travel to a match of the Champions League place, he lit it. The medium-sized explosive device is not unfolded its full effect, it was the part of the Prosecutor’s office. The two other explosive devices met the Bus.

defenders describe Sergei W. as insecure and narcissistic

Sergey W. was added, and the bombs with metal pins built and ignited. He denies, however, any intention to kill. It was important to him to spread fear and terror, it was said in his confession. He had a bet with warrants to a price fall of the share and a profit of some tens of thousands of euros hoped for.

applied for Its defenders, therefore, a prison sentence for causing a explosive blast. These should be “clearly in single digits”. They had tables, Sergei W. in their pleadings as a deeply insecure personality with narcissistic and self-loving moves described.

In the eleven-month process, the court had in addition to explosives and the share of experts also heard almost all of the former passengers as witnesses. The today for Borussia Mönchengladbach the end of the game defender Matthias Ginter began his testimony to cry. The then for Dortmund active goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller said the attack had changed his life. Dortmund’s former coach Thomas Tuchel speculated in his testimony that he would have remained after the season to continue in office had it not been for the assassination attempt.