The shock sits deep in the company Edelweiss window in Wil SG. On Tuesday morning, a 30-year-old Vietnamese business rushes road to the Toggenburg, threatened several employees and fires with a gas gun to (LOOK told).

Thomas M.* sitting just at his workplace on the first floor, when he hears from the entrance suddenly screams. “One of our field service staff just came through the door, as behind him, an unknown man in the business stormed.” Then everything goes very quickly.

uncertainty about the whereabouts of the colleague

“Without warning, the colleague with the gas gun has been shot,” says M. moments, the fear. The employee can save but still in the upper floor, and there in safety. For the Edelweiss-Team the Horror is over. “We knew that were down in the entrance area, two other employees, one of them an apprentice,” says M..

again and again, Thomas M. and his Team call the colleagues in the lower floor. A response you get. “This uncertainty was, in this Moment, the worst of it. We had no idea how it went the two,” says M.

“Hopefully, we will never experience anything again,”

the police comes then the all-clear shortly afterwards. Only seven minutes after the incident can be disengaged officers of the Vietnamese people. And also the two employees of the window company are doing well. You have been hiding, apparently, under the office table in front of the attacker and escaped from the building.

What was the trigger for the attack on the staff, can’t say more. “No one knew the man. It was probably more of a coincidence that he stormed into our business.” The wounded colleague, it is good. But what remains, is an incredible shock. Thomas M: “We have never experienced anything like this. And I hope we will see it ever again.”

About the motives of the in the Canton of St. Gallen, resident Vietnamese, nothing is currently known. “This is the subject of ongoing criminal investigations,” says Kapo spokesman Gian Andrea Rezzoli to VIEW. The public Prosecutor’s office will, however, make a request for custody, as spokeswoman Beatrice Giger confirmed to VIEW.

* the Name has been changed