With “Gring ache u seckle” has described a large Bernese athlete once you as simple as it is obvious the final sprint-a recipe for success. The saying of Anita Weyermann after their world championship bronze medal in 1997 in Athens in this country is now a household word. Synonymous with: by biting, even if it is not just so easy.

Here Mujinga Kambundji comes into play. The next large Bernese athlete. The 27-Year-old saves with their performances in Doha so far, the Swiss honor.

In contrast to other Swiss trumps: Alex Wilson was not motivated to 100 feet right and about 200 meters soon injured. Kariem Hussein, Selina Büchel and the other remained in the last few months, only the extra-role, in the world Cup was no different.

it could have been Kambundji pass: your season started out difficult. The Form was not. But where others stated throughout the season that the summer is still long, the world Championships in October were to be held, and you had an eternity of time to get in shape, has Kambundji how food worked. In the last years, she was looking at different coaches abroad your luck. In London, she found it in the Scots Steve Fudge and his training group.

at the same time it still maintains the relations to the old Coaches from his youth days to get there until today, advice and Inspiration. Rest for a while? There’s no. “Gring ache u seckle” layer. The has made a from Berne, once again, paid for.

And, perhaps, can still be a West Swiss inspired: hurdles European champion Léa Sprunger fight to resinous season in the world Cup Final.