for Four months, Alex Wilson was separated from his family. In Florida, the Swiss Sprinter until the end of may, struggled for the dream of a world Cup medal. The EM-third of last summer has big goals: 2019 he wants to run 100 meters under 10 seconds, 200 meters in under 20 seconds. And in October in Doha and he wants to podium on the world Cup.

And for this, the 28 took-Year-old the months-long separation from wife and children. “Of course I missed you. But I said to myself: Alex, you can do, right go! I can group the best in my training.”

A special motivation: “I am the first Time in a long time the Train departed, my wife said: If you walk quickly, you can stay. But if you’re too slow, you have to come back home.”

The replacement of the family in the training phase, are his Coaches-Lloyd Cowan and Clarence Callender and training colleagues. Quite a big family. While the Wilsons are fourth in Basel since April, includes the training group of the Basler’s Overseas 50 man plus 10 managers. “In the end, I was four weeks alone with my Coaches,” he says. “It was exhausting, brutal. I have asked myself every day why I do this to myself.”

The main focus in Training was on its Start. “I had to correct. My Coaches have told me very clearly that I need to change my entry completely, if I want a medal. The Position, the attitude, everything is new.” Wilson will now start deeper, stay longer at the bottom. “It was worth it, I am now on the first 30, 40 yards a lot faster.”

“50 take-offs of the day”

One, of the helped him, was a sprint star Justin Gatlin. “He has given me tips,” Wilson says, and laughs uproariously. “A year ago, since I have not implemented it just yet.” In the last few months, however, there are no more excuses. “My coaches have let me Start again and again to train. Sometimes 50 take-offs of the day.”

At the end of Wilson was so broken that he was after his return to Basel immediately ill and the Meeting had to skip in Stockholm. “Now I’m back fit and fast as ever. I’m ready for the battle against the big guys.” Overseas, Wilson has not learned to always be nice. “As a result, I’ve become faster. On the track I’m not the cute Alex. When it comes to Sprint, I can be evil.”

the first use of the new, evil Alex Wilson: On Saturday, he will start in Zofingen over 100 and 200 meters. The first objective of the Competition-overcome fear. “I have a good feeling, but if you’re in the first race, slowly, is the use everything is nothing.”