Actually, she came to London, in order to gain hundredths of a second. But now Mujinga Kambundji stands on the platform of U-Bahn-Station Camden Town and have to wait. Between locals, commuters and tourists of the Northern Line to press on to the underground platform past each other, not the fastest woman in the Switzerland. “You have to know how you get here,” says the from Berne, on Monday 27. Celebrates birthday. the “especially in the rush hour it can be pretty tight. Sometimes I’ll have a full train and take the next one.”

Since last fall Kambundji is also in the capital of the United Kingdom at home since November, she trained regularly in the 8-million-metropolis. In the private team of former British national coach, Steve Fudge is one of the three women, a total of nine athletes in the Scot currently has under his wings. That’s why they are now traveling from your Bernese training base regularly to the island, then usually two weeks.

With the U-Bahn befriended

The London Tube has become Kambundjis second living room, so often she is on the way: for more than an hour she needs from the apartment of her sister Muswama, where she lives in London currently, the Lee Valley training centre in the North of the city. With U-Bahn, Bus and on foot. “It is as if I would commute every day from Berne to Zurich,” says Kambundji. “But I like the U-Bahn. Because you can sit down with his coffee in there, and the headphone plug in and listen to music. Talk does no one actually with the other passengers.” Not so high on Kambundjis favorites list: the Bus. “Since the passengers are sometimes a little weird.”

But what is it like to work in a city, the trip Destination for most of the country people for a weekend? “I like it”, says Kambundji. “I’m more of a city kid, I like the many different Restaurants, the cafes, the many different district and the many shops. In Bern I go shopping practically never here.”

Even if not as a Sprinter in the king discipline of athletics to home, with Glamour to the life of a Swiss citizen who has completed the 100 meters in under 11 seconds, here. Until after the Training and again at home, the afternoon is almost over, the body is tired. “Then the effort is too high to even right out.”

Except perhaps to Shop. Kambundji proposes a stroll through the shops and stalls of Camden Market, the some alternatively trendy cult-quarter-tinged, to the North of the centre. Here is everything except for large chains of: clothes, furniture, food store. You deserve a sweet snack at the Stand of one of the many vegan bakeries in the area. “Actually, not necessarily my thing, vegan food. But let’s try this.”

she slept with Ex-teammate mill Creek in the same bed

Then you go back in the subway, ten minutes ride, one change, to Oxford Circus. In Carnaby Street, the shops are chic. Here Silja waiting for the mill. A former Sprinter, the 25-Year-old today in London at a financial services provider. Both won in 2009 with the Swiss 4×100 m relay at the European Youth Games. Today, you have agreed to the coffee, and later you go to eat Sushi. And until recently they all lived together. “When they called me and asked me if I can help her, it was the case for me immediately clear,” says mill Creek. “Logically, that she could live with me.”

This, of course, is The intra-Swiss woman who studied in Charlotte (USA) and in Amsterdam, has in a rent a room. According to closely the conditions: The two slept in the same bed. “It’s a big bed,” says mill Creek laughing.

“it was no Problem at all. During the day we didn’t have the same rhythm. And in the evening we cooked together and then on the Laptop, Netflix shows looked. With Mujinga is like an old friend. If we have not seen for a long time, it is immediately familiar.”

at the same time mill Creek in the Winter, than London was-start assistant valuable. Kambundji: “I was glad that I had someone that is familiar here. The could tell me with which is the public TRANSPORT App is the best way through the city, where I shop for the small stuff. And also now that we no longer live together, we always meet up when I’m in town.”

the next day, next subway ride. This time, Waltham Forest, Feel Good Centre. In Lee Valley, the school today is sports day, Kambundjis private training group must soft. “Prior to the 2012 Olympic games in London venues such as Lee Valley have been worn by the British Association,” says Coach Steve Fudge. “Now you have to Finance, but yourself. That’s why they are rented. And then we have to Dodge it.”

The Scot is reinforced with a Beard and a cap on the tartan track to the neck, whistle, stopwatch, and ear plugs dangle. He is filming the legs of his charges with the phone, then the Video analysis immediately follows. “It is an unusual Situation,” says Fudge. “Normally, an athlete change their coach after a poor season. Mujinga, however, had the strongest year of her career, despite three fourth places at the European Championships. This also puts me under pressure.”

“Mujinga is not a bit like Chelsea”

Too much to add to the unusual constellation seems to him. The atmosphere in the Training is loose, the portable speaker echoes in the change of Reggae, Hip Hop and lounge music. Fudge discussed at the warm up with his athletes about the upcoming Boxing match for the British Heavyweight Tyson Fury, later, the Transfer of Chelsea Coach Maurizio Sarri will be discussed in Turin. “If you will, is Mujinga a bit like Chelsea,” says Manchester-United-supporters Fudge with a wink. “The many change of coach had in the last few years.”

In fact: After four years, Valerij Bauer in Mannheim, she worked in 2017, with the Dutchman Henk Kraaijenhof, moved to a season for the Americans, Rana Reider, who coached the Dutch sprint inside. In Amsterdam it went on for Kambundji last summer – also, because the Dutch see it as a competitor for their Top Sprinter Dafne Schippers. So now, London – it seems to be a hit. “Steve is extremely reliable and at the same time very relaxed. For me, this is just on race day is very valuable, and then, if I train alone at home,” says Kambundji. “At the Moment, everything fits. I have the feeling that I arrived here.”

It looks as if Kambundji your new, second home is likely to remain a bit true. And the hundredths of a second should come on the train then, is Waiting in the London underground a bit more bearable.

last season, the delivery Mujinga Kambundji (on 17. June you will be needed 27-year-old) personal best time Over 100 m as the first Swiss rider in the history of only 10,95 seconds, despite a difficult season with coach bustle.

so, What is this year for the Sprinter, seems to have with Coach Steve Fudge your sporty happiness found? “I have no idea how fast I am at the Moment,” says the from Berne. “I have a good feeling, feel good. But that alone doesn’t mean that I’m fast.”

Kambundji missing values in the comparison. “Last year, the structure was different, we start later, because the world Cup takes place in Doha in October.” A specific time, you can not set it as a goal. “But I have the feeling that I can run faster than 10,95 seconds.”

The first Test there next weekend in Nancy, then Kambundji starts at the Prefontaine Classic in Stanford, California, before it is on Swiss soil for the first time, ernst: On the 5. July at Athletissima in Lausanne.

22. June – Nancy (Fr) – 100 meters
30. June Prefontaine Classic in Stanford (USA) – 100 meters
5. July Athletissima-Lausanne – 100 meters / 4 x 100 meters
9. July top athletics Lucerne – 100 meters
3. August – Citius meeting Bern – 100 meters
9. to 11. August – Team Championships Bydgoszcz (Pol) – 100 meters / 4 x 100 meters
23. – 24. August – SM Basel – 100 meters / 200 meters
29. August – weltklasse Zurich – 200 metres / 4 x 100 meters
1. September – Gala dei Castelli in Bellinzona – 100 meters
28. September to 6. October – world Cup Doha (Qatar) – 100 meters / 200 meters / 4 x 100 Meter