The good news is that Julien Wanders (23) at the beginning. “I’m not dead,” writes the Geneva long-distance runners on Instagram. After he gave up on Sunday in the 10’000 race to the world Cup, it became quiet around him. Wanders is silent. Up on Wednesday evening.

But they were really smart, he doesn’t seem to be. Together with his coach Marco hunter, he tried to fathom how he could in Doha follows a break-in. “It was a hard experience,” said the giant talent that is about 10 kilometres and the half marathon distance holds the European record and has trained for most of the year in Kenya. “I’m still confused. In the last few days we have been looking for an explanation of what is wrong. It is hard to show a bad performance. But it is even harder when you know why.”

He wanted to whine, the Swiss. “I’m still young, I’m still a dreamer, I still have the will to climb to the top. Losers are not those that never lose, but those who can’t stand up when they are defeated.”

His next Wanders on the weekend, when a record attempt by Eliud Kipchoge (34) has. The Kenyan wants to run in Vienna, the first man of the Marathon in under 2 hours. Wanders is classified as one of the over 40 pace-maker. (EC)