The athletes, who are put to the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo will be for the next year is automatically qualified for the Games in 2021. That’s got to be Thursday well-known after a video conference between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and 33 of the international federations. On Tuesday resolved that the international olympic committee and the government of Japan for the Games this summer, which were from 24 July to 9 August, and because of the corona virus until the summer of 2021. An exact date is not sure yet.

about 57 percent of the almost 11.000 participants in the Games of this year, with their qualification already in the bag, and keep it. It was to the left and to the right in a second. The athletes would be the preservation of the form, it should be able to demonstrate, however, the international olympic committee wiped away, that the reservation of the table.

“The quota will remain”, was Bach’s drawing, to the assembled representatives of associations. A source inside the talks, had, on PURPOSE to know that the date picker for the Games in 2021, the biggest point of contention was. Bach reported that it is in the next few weeks, a decision will be made. The qualifying tournaments in different sports need to be scheduled.

in addition, would also be various factions and their concerns about their current financial situation. Normally, it distributes to the international olympic committee to a share of the profits of the Play to the tracks.