From the Valais to the Grisons: The mountain Railways enjoy a successful winter season – is also on the Schilthorn in the Bernese Oberland. The schilthorn cableway has achieved in 2018, with almost 31 million Swiss francs and even record sales. That is, 8 percent more than the year before. The profit: 1.7 million Swiss francs, to CHF 1.3 million in the previous year.

On the Schilthorn runs the business. But the competition is not known. That’s why the Team of schilthorn cableway CEO Christoph Egger now takes care of the replacement of the old aerial cableway.

2026 to state of the art

dedicated to The new cable car at the scene of the James Bond film “on her Majesty’s secret service”. The schilthorn railway is implementing the project with the name “Schilthorn 20XX” for 45 million Swiss francs, together with the aerial cable car specialists Doppelmayr/Garaventa. This merger of the Swiss company Garaventa, and the Austrians from Doppelmayr is a highly specialized group for demanding wire Rope hoist.

Worldwide, the group has already built a 228 cable cars, eight of them funifor projects. To dispel the last doubts on the project, has chosen the mountain railway, a civil engineer in the Board of Directors.

The construction is expected to last from 2021 to 2026. The new cable car to improve the accessibility of the destination. During the construction of the existing railway is available for guests.

Reliable in case of storm and onslaught

So the new web is: modern, reliable, and steep. With the purchase of the mountain railway is a technical piece of art. The gondolas are so-called Funifors. These are characterized by a wide rope track, what are the cabins is extremely windproof.

the valley and mountain stations are low-built, so that they are exposed to the Wind less. Since the new cable car is divided in three sections, each one of these parts can be individually operated. Also the flow rate can be controlled for each part of the track individually.

Bad weather is no longer a Problem

So not only can drive the new train in almost any weather, but also to higher utilization by passengers react. Last year, the schilthorn aerial cableway recorded 15% more passengers in the Winter and 20 percent more in the summer. A Total of 5.5 million passengers.

“Because we carry both in summer and in Winter, many tourists on the Schilthorn, is a high availability and weather stability is particularly important,” says the schilthorn Bahn-Chef Egger. This works in spite of 160 percent slope. This means that the new railway will also be one of the steepest in the world.