At the plant Annunciation laid a new ship for the Ministry of defence

the Annunciation shipyard today laid a new ship for the Ministry of defence. Hydrographic ship will serve in the Pacific fleet in the Tatar Strait.

This is the second large order for the Annunciation of the plant. The first ship named rear Admiral Alexander Rehackova sent to a voyage in the summer of 2018. The new vessel is designed to study the bottom topography, as well as to monitor the underwater conditions. It has become the most modern of its kind

Future ship affects the size. Preparatory work started in the autumn, and today seven constituent parts almost ready two. It will be called by the name of Vasily Bubnov, who has long headed the hydrographic service of the Pacific fleet. Under the contract, the vessel shall be built in 5 years.

As told GTRK “Amur” in the defense Ministry, the ship is ideal for replacement of obsolete models. It will ensure navigation safety in the area of responsibility of the Pacific fleet.

Acting head of Department of navigation and Oceanography Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Gennady Napominaet said: “we Have a fairly large structure, more than 100 ships, boats around the Navy. There is a need in the far East to replace about ten of such courts. Everything that was built at the plant Annunciation, surrendered on time, with good quality and in time. So there is nothing to compare.”

Text: GTRK “Amur”