In St. Petersburg on 26 July at 11:00 will start the main naval parade. Ceremonial parade in honour of Day of the Navy will the ships and vessels in Saint Petersburg and Kronstadt. Only the Navy will be represented by 46 ships, boats and vessels. Among them are the unique examples of corvettes, anti-sabotage boats, landing ships and frigates. “MK” has prepared an overview of the most interesting representatives of the Russian Navy on parade in the Northern capital.

Boats of special purpose

Open the front Wake structure a whole group of anti-sabotage boats “Junior military” series: “the young army men of the Baltic”, “the young army men of the Caspian sea”, “the young army men from the white sea region” and others. Boat project 21980 “Rook” are well-armed: special 98У grenade launchers and double-barreled DP-65A. Their 45-mm grenades able to thwart any attempt of sabotage anywhere in the coastal zone. Fire adds and heavy machine guns KPVT. Therefore, boats are willing to acquire the frontier service of FSB of Russia, special operations Forces and Asgardia.


the Following on the Neva will be the corvettes of the project 290385 “Courageous” and “Resistant.” Sea giants will not name them – they are in the marine range are as small patrol ships. However, the weapons makes them real terminators. At their disposal an Arsenal of missiles: anti – “Urani” KH-35U, “Onyx”, and most importantly – cruise missiles “Caliber-NK”.

artillery – gun systems the A-190 and “Dirk”. Add to this anti-aircraft missile systems “Redoubt” and electronic means.

Another important advantage of these corvettes – speed. It reaches 27 knots or 50 km/h. It’s almost a world record for ships of this class.

Landing “Morgunov”

In the Wake formation will be a ship which definitely will be watched closely by foreign military experts. It’s large landing ship (BDK) project 11711 “Peter Morgunov”. Its purpose is landing, along with military technology and equipment. On Board the “whisper” can take 300 Marines, 36 armored infantry or tanks 13. Speed landing ship – almost 35 km/h, range – 3500 miles.

At the same time, BDK “Peter Morgunov” not just transport – it can perfectly fend for themselves. In its Arsenal a set of rapid-fire guns AK-630, large-install “Sting”, as well as create passive jamming “Prosvet-M”.

Sappers of the deep sea

a couple of ships that will evoke the envy of foreigners – minesweepers of the new generation “Alexander Obukhov” and “Vladimir Yemelyanov”. Both project 12700 mine complex Alexandrite.

the First feature, which, however, the naked eye cannot see is the case. These minesweepers it is solid plastic. It is necessary that the metal body on the one hand not provoked to undermine magnetic and remote mines, with another – does not interfere with the radar and search engines.

System search and destruction of mines by the name “Alexandrite-ISPUM” includes several elements: porcelina and a towed hydroacoustic station, self-propelled and remotely operated underwater vehicles, and unmanned boat. Together they detect and defuse mines of any capacity and design.

by the Way, minesweepers project 12700 cleared the bottom of the Gulf of Finland from mines to July 27, 2019 President Vladimir Putin on the bathyscaphe descended to the place of death of the submarine during the great Patriotic war. Then managed to catch 13 min.

Armed, dangerous and invisible

One of the most anticipated ships of the main naval parade is the project 22350 frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”. It is the youngest ship in the entire country. He was accepted into the Navy just a few days ago – July 21.

the Modern Russian frigates to be a strike based the entire fleet. And it’s clear why: the project 22350 is one of the most modern among its global counterparts. The difference is evident at once: the hull lines, layout, form add-in should give excellent seaworthiness. The case also helps to be “stealth”the ship is made of special composites. They absorb or scatter radio waves, thereby making it difficult for the vehicle detection by enemy radar.

However, if they have to fight, the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” is ready. In his possession is just mind-blowing Arsenal: 130-mm automatic gun mount A-192M, supersonic anti-ship missiles “Onyx” anti-aircraft missile system “Poliment-Redut”, 12 powerful torpedoes. And from 16 to 24 winged long-range missiles “Caliber”. In the future, “Admiral Kasatonov” can carry and hypersonic “Zircons”.

in Other words, the frigate alone is able to simultaneously withstand the coastal, marine and air targets. Such versatility, few foreign competitors can boast.

Superweapon Peter the Great

And finally, another gem of the parade will be the newly recreated battleship “Poltava”. Length 40 meters, the crew – 460. It’s now it’s a Museum piece, albeit acting. But in the beginning of XVIII his namesake was a real leader, like today’s heavy missile cruiser “Peter the Great”.

it was 54 cannon, if you want to install a dozen. Believe me, in the Petrine era, it was no worse than modern “Calibers”. Russian shots experienced Swedish sailors: Poltava participated in Gangutsky battle in 1714.

the outcome of the naval battles we know are still at school – the Swedes were beaten, and we received the command of the sea. And exactly in those years, our fleet was recognized as our country officially became a sea power. So who better than “Poltava” to be one of the main ships in the main naval parade.