At the hospital protested the news about the statement of the people’s artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina. It is reported StarHit Thursday, April 30.

“Babkin is now in a regular room, but no talking about how to let her go home is not conducted. Coronavirus cured, it remains only to deal with pneumonia,” — said in a medical facility. The source also told the publication that the singer is unable to walk, but feeds on itself.

According to him, the singer is experiencing weakness. Currently she is in standard tent under strict supervision of doctors.

28 APR beloved grandmother Eugene Mountains announced that it will soon be discharged from the hospital. He claimed that she will go home after seven to ten days.

on 6 April, the artist was in the hospital. She spent several days in an induced coma. Her representative said that Babkin did not find COVID-19, however, sources of a number of media, citing a source in the hospital said that the stars of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus.