Horse race from the middle ages

Colorful Festivals with ancient traditions to be found here everywhere. Most impressive is the Palio di Siena is the most. On the medieval main square of Siena, ten parts of the city to fight in a horse race to victory, and honor. We rode drawn, Bareback horses. The track is tight, the race was accordingly spectacular. In addition, there are parades in historical Costumes and a lot of party mood. Dates: 2. July, and 16. August.

Macabre relic: Saint Catherine

The city of Siena has historical buildings of world renown. The Highlight of the Cathedral is the 14th century. Century with his dark green and white marble. Those who are lucky to get a look at the floor mosaics of biblical scenes (often covered for protection). Believers (and onlookers) will also visit the largest sanctuary in the city: the mummified head of Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) in the Basilica of San Domenico. The Saint and patroness of Europe, was born in Siena.

the Museum Santa Maria della Scala

The complex of Santa Maria della Scala, opposite the majestic Cathedral of Siena, was once used as a hospital and refuge for the poor and the sick and for orphans, and pilgrims. Of the more than thousand-year-old complex is now a Museum, which extends over four floors. In the late 13th century. Century Santa Maria della was expanded in Scala, and with many important Interior and exterior frescoes and altar paintings. The entire complex houses several museums and beautiful monuments. You can find more information here.

is A town with history: The ancient heritage of Siena

The winding lanes and narrow streets of Siena invite you to a treasure hunt. Take the time to explore the hidden corners of this incredible city. From ancient vaulted cellars, which were struck by the Etruscan-Hand in the rock, to the picturesque Piazza in the heart of the city, you are always on the trail of the story. A great coincidence: The historic vaulted cellar offer year-round ideal temperatures for wine, and the perfect level of humidity for cheese. The Italians had probably been in ancient times an exquisite sense of hospitality!

The red heart of Siena: Piazza del Campo

shines in The Central Piazza in Siena, Il Campo, in a warm shade of red. Among artists, the color is called “burnt Siena” comes from the Tuscan town. The iron-containing Pigment was produced during the Renaissance in Siena. Il Campo is the node where all parts of the city is run. The square is in the heart of Siena, both in the geographical as well as in a metaphorical sense. Here is the life of the University town of pulses. The easy to waste invites by the end of space – like a giant living room to Pause, sunbathing and Chatting.

flying High: The Torre del Mangia

The Torre del Mangia overlooking the Piazza del Campo, is the landmark of the city. He is after the nickname of its first guardian, Giovanni di Duccio, named. He was nicknamed Mangiaguadagni (literally-paid-eaters), because he spent all his income in the taverns of Siena. The tower is 88 meters high. If you are at such heights a queasy feeling in the stomach, you should save up the 400 steps. However, the view is truly breathtaking. You can see the whole of Siena and the surrounding area: the Piazza del Campo, the Cathedral and the rolling hills of picturesque Tuscany.

Mamma Mia: Tuscan culinary delights

The Tuscan kitchen for its wines, cheeses, and smoked ham famous. You can explore on your stroll through the streets of Siena the many Gourmet shops and elegant taverns. Here you can enjoy, for example, excellent Chianti with savoury mountain cheese and crispy Bruschetta. How would you like it with Pasta and wild boar Prosciutto as the next gear? For a sweet conclusion, a taste of a slice of Siena’s delicious fruit cake, Panforte.

Restaurant tip: La Taverna di San Giuseppe

The Restaurant Taverna di San Giuseppe is an excellent address, in order to test the authentic Tuscan cuisine. Here you can get only with prior reservation for a table. The ambience is extravagant: The guest room is located in a restored Roman brick tunnel. The huge wine selection in the adjacent Etruscan cellar style vault meet kept, where they may also enjoy a tasting. The selection of delicious truffle dishes in the Restaurant is highly recommended.

is The birthplace of the Chianti

the Panorama of the Tuscany is characterized by its diverse landscapes. One of the Highlights in the surroundings of Siena, the Chianti wine region. It is visually rich, as varied as that of your noble drops. Many of the routes take you through rolling hills with lush vineyards, deep forests and idyllic spot. The picturesque accommodations vary between stone farm houses, romantic Inns and luxurious villas. Here are thousands of Poets, artists, photographers and travelers find Inspiration for the year.

romantic San Gimignano

If you are in Siena, you are allowed to take a day trip to San Gimignano, don’t miss it. The small town is protected by high city walls, on a hill with a view over the Tuscan countryside. San Gimignano is famous for its fascinating medieval architecture and the towers. Noble families built 72 tower-houses as symbols of their wealth. San Gimignano is still a feudal atmosphere. The city has since 1990 a Unesco world heritage site. You are going to travel back in time and enjoy local products such as saffron and the white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano.