the Network of cinemas “Mirage cinema” and producer center “Potential” has announced the list of films included in the competition program of the online festival of Russian cinema “Big screen”.

the program of the competition includes 7 feature films and 15 short films, including the films “Fairy” Anna Malika, “insight” directed by Alexander Kott, who made the film about the legendary “Brest fortress”, the resistance of which lasted more than a month, headed by a commander Pyotr Gavrilov, the military Commissar of the 84th infantry regiment Efimov Fomin and the head of the 9th frontier Andrei Kizhevatov.

In the competitive short program of the festival includes the film Belarusian Darya Zhuk, The Real American, which translates as a real American. Brisk Darya Zhuk for his feature film “Crystal” was nominated for the award “Oscar” from Belarus last year.

the Festival will take place from 29 June to 4 July in an online format on the platform of Potentia. The competition involved more and independent films produced in Russia and the CIS films of young Directors, taken in the period from 2015 to 2020 and weren’t released in wide release.

the Main prize of the festival will be films of the winners in the network of cinemas “Mirage cinema” with an advertising-supported.