The district court in Kassel has sentenced a woman, who posed as a false doctor and caused the death of several people, to life imprisonment for three counts of murder, among other things.

The judges also determined the particular severity of the guilt on Wednesday. This makes it more difficult for the convict to get out of prison after 15 years.

More to come.

It is an act that is hard to believe: a shooter storms into an elementary school in Texas and causes a bloodbath, 19 children and two teachers die. The devastating attack brings back grim memories of a similar act ten years ago.

Rising heating costs, inflation and more expensive groceries. Prices are skyrocketing everywhere these days. But how are people in Germany dealing with the inflationary wave? Where do you save and what effects does that have on your life? FOCUS Online was traveling in Munich and asked.

The head of a department at the Central Research Institute in Moscow is said to have celebrated a little too much on his birthday. He was so drunk that he lost his laptop with sensitive data. He tried to downplay the incident to the police.