At the Berlinale was the long-awaited premiere of the new

This story, invented in the late XIX century by Carlo Collodi, the world has become known through brilliant disney animation 1940, a free paraphrase of Alexei Tolstoy and his charming adaptations of Alexander Ptushko and Leonid Nechayev. There he became leaner, Pinocchio turned into Pinocchio, the carpenter Geppetto in Geppetto, and sentimental Mangiafuoco in terrible Karabas-Barabas. Parallel lives of the characters of Collodi in the world never stops: Roberto Benigni played Pinocchio’s nose in his own bad movie 2002, now he became a father Geppetto in “Pinocchio” Matteo Garrone, and it is maturing puppet movie Guillermo del Toro, scheduled for next year.

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And del Toro, and Garrone known as the master of horrors. In the cynical spirit of the new time, they have consistently denied the tale of his soul-saving power. However, to the Berlin premiere Garrone promised something lighter than his sadistic “Scary tales”. And really made the film suitable for children, but, in my opinion, boring for adults. When the plot is thoroughly familiar, the interest usually supports the talent interpretation – to those of the new “Pinocchio” I would not qualify. This two-hour detailed retelling of all the misadventures of the hero from his appearance at the light and stay in the marionette theatre, led by bearded Mangiafuoco, before meeting with the rogues Cat and Fox, the good Fairy, a sea cruise in the stomach of Greenland sharks (she looks like a whale from “the humpbacked Horse”) and the long-awaited conversion into a real flesh-and-blood boyska. I like this retelling seemed rather dull, but this opinion is not shared by all colleagues, so everyone better watch himself and make his own.

Garrone decided in one movie to represent many genres – from household social drama to political satire, a magical fantasy Christmas and moralizing tales. And at the same time – different styles from almost everyday realism to topical farce and computer animation, and in the final Shine benevolent morality. The village where Geppetto whittle his son, bent from poverty, Geppetto forever begging a bowl of soup and unsuccessfully to impose their counter services of a carpenter. Here Roberto Benigni clearly repeats the style of his character from the Oscar-winning film “Life is beautiful”, the tale reminds us of the only living piece of wood. However, the transformation of wood into a living doll for the modern movie made, I would say, too clumsy, and makeup that caused the poor Federico Ielapi, makes eight-year-old boy in a balding monster with no age and charm. Even more frightening are the puppets of the theater “Buratino” strongly resembling the evil Chucky – however, honestly here, the artists reproduce the style of street theatre puppets, and now walk through the cities of Italy.

since childhood, I fancied myself a Pinocchio, and then he became a father Geppetto and watched as my child is lying to me

Then comes the familiar story of the Cat and Fox, which is not like any cat, nor a Fox – overact a little, but not a fabulous tramp-crooks. Therefore, the boy hanging on the tree also looks fabulously humorous – the kids in the hall is necessary to cover eyes with palm. Rescue Pinocchio and his healing Fairy God finally takes us to the story, while here, if they come to mind to compare this Auntie Snail, reminiscent of snails only measured pace, with Rina in the role of Green Turtles Tortilla, a fabulous mood will evaporate. Kids who haven’t seen the film Nechayev, adapting will be easier.

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Then in a measured narrative cut scene in the Palace of justice with barking guards, the judge, the monkey and the principle of “Everyone is innocent should be in jail!” calling applause a straightforward satire in the spirit of Charlie Hebdo. It is quite ordinary Pinocchio’s nose as a warning to inveterate liars will be threatening to grow only in the moments when he’s lying. Fabulous creation type of a Talking Cricket and the weary Tuna looks pathological: the insect and fish with stupidly pressed into them human faces. Because of the yardage removed the scenes with the let in swimming inconsolable Geppetto, but then wonder how he, who could not swim, were in the shark stomach and were not without comfort for yourself. I was already prepared for the fact that the desire of the log to be a boy will be interpreted by the Director as relevant a satire on new, never mastered the primer generation, but Garrone and his screenwriter Massimo Ceccherini suddenly fell into a religious ecstasy and the birth of the teenager arranged under the Christmas pictures with sheep-lambs and fairy turned Mary Magdalene.

All of this narrative is accompanied by a measured soundtrack composer Dario Marianelli, forcing a longing to recall the classic tunes If Harlina from a disney masterpiece.

word of mouth

Matteo Garrone: since childhood, I fancied myself a Pinocchio – I liked his desire to go across all the rules. And then I became a father Geppetto and could see my child lying to me, trying to make amends made. As you can see, the whole story is invented by Collodi, close to me. Helped Roberto Benigni – it is not only the most popular actor of Italy, but also a great Director, and it feels great that the public needs. It was he who made menya all the time to think about how the movie will take children.

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I was lucky and Federico Ielapi, which is to become Pinocchio, every morning, endured three hours until he will impose makeup. The hardest thing was to portray him smile – how to make a wooden doll to smile?! In General, the “Pinocchio” on all counts is the biggest challenge that may face the Director and the artists of the film.

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To your 50 years old Matteo Garrone has done 10 feature films, of which the most famous “Taxidermist”, “Gomorrah” (Grand Prix at Cannes, the 4th prize of the European film Academy), “Reality” (Grand Prix of jury in Cannes), “Scary tales”, “Dogman” (prize for best actor at Cannes, 2nd prize of the European film Academy). Favourite genre is a naturalistic Thriller, with a gradient in black humor. “Pinocchio” – its first attempt to go beyond this genre and make a film for family viewing. From mid-December at the Italian box office, on the screens of Russia – March 12, 2020.