At the Berlin film festival presented a film about homosexuals from Chechnya

has Already shown a debut and a very tactile film “the City fell asleep” Maria Ignatenko in the program “Forum”, “Lessons Farsi” by American Director and native of Kiev Vadim Perelman, in recent years, actively working with Russian filmmakers and now make the picture in co-production of Russia, Germany and Belarus. Its events take place in 1942 in a concentration camp in Europe. The script is written living in Germany by Ilya Tavrinym. In the new program of the festival “Collision”, invented in defiance of the basic contest involved the documentary “Gunda” by Russian Director Viktor Kosakovsky consisted, taken, however, without the participation of Russia in co-production USA and Norway on a Norwegian farm. Main characters are a pig Gund and her ten piglets, which in the eyes of our sighted and helpless newborns become spirited creatures, the one-legged chicken, courageously fighting with the circumstances of his difficult life, as well as cows, harmoniously lined up a Director in a pair with the bulls with incredibly sad eyes. But the star was the Gund. The viewer can only guess what it’s her name in the title picture. No one in the frame does not call it so. Words here do not, only the grunting, puffing. Gund loves to wallow in thick mud, as any decent pig. Victor Kosakowska had to keep her company, to capture this fun on camera, and all the amazing life of the barnyard. The picture is black and white, very expressive, and seems to distinguish her colors. The exhibition of kinetic art in the hometown of Viktor Saint-Petersburg in these days just to experiment. Visitor shown on the screen the strawberries and ask what color it is. It seems that she red, but in reality this black and white image. It’s an optical illusion. In “Gunde” triggered a similar effect, and it seems that the grass is not colorless.

a scene from the movie “Gunda”. Photo: Press service of the festival.

this program also introduced another unorthodox movie relating to Russia. “Macrog” made famous Romanian Director, Christi Puiu, known for outstanding painting “the Death of Mr. Lazarescu”. The new film is 200 minutes, and not every viewer willing to watch it to the end. The timing here is not the main obstacle. Everything happens within a single manor house, actually in two rooms, where we arrived to spend Christmas guests. They are a never-ending debate on the French language, based on texts of the Russian Silver age philosopher Vladimir Solovyov. We are talking about historical events, Alexander the Great, Rurik, the Russian tsars and world culture. The first hour of all these gentlemen standing talking and talking, and their unwitting listeners become servants to which they from time to time apply in Russian. And only a faint one of the discussions, Olga, will break this tableau. The next portion of the conversation in the spirit of the Greek lists go astray at some point started bleeding from the count, lying in the next room. What is happening looks ridiculous through the prism of perception of the servants, their missteps, unexpected events occurring outside the house.

In “Panorama” participates in the picture of the “Welcome to Chechnya” American Director David France, which will soon be released worldwide, but we can’t show. It is about activists trying to take out the terrible young men and women homosexual, which means death. They go to Canada and other countries where they are willing to accept, in secrecy, sometimes with relatives who are hostages of the situation. Being a refugee is hard, and everybody understands that. Someone worries that will never see their loved ones. Someone does not stand up and commits suicide, and not the whothe ability to call “ambulance”, not to “kindle” address of stay. On the screen is a popular Chechen singer Zalimkhan Bakaev, who disappeared in 2017, and one can only wonder what happened to him. 21-year-old Chechen beauty, the daughter of a high-ranking official, is forced to flee because his uncle, after learning about her orientation, he began to blackmail her. It all began in 2017, when detained one of the characters in the movie during sweeps drug-related. Then his phone showed correspondence indicating his sexual orientation, and she went to the chain. The characters in the movie say that they were tortured, beaten with batons, but officially to testify do not want to. At home they say they’re not Chechens, a disgrace to the nation that they should destroy their own relatives. The head of the Republic says that they have no gays, and if there is, then let them take them to Canada. The film makes the audience very different and, of course, strong emotions. At the Berlinale, where for many years there is a program “Teddy” that unites the films on the rights of homosexual people, will celebrate the work of activists that support them, which became the heroes of the film.