After the holidays, it says what but out of the country is much better than at home. Nice, cheaper, more beautiful. And in the first days and weeks, it draws comparisons, is angry and wishes-a holiday Paradise at the front door. Of course, the stress comes to you goes back in the tunnel work – although one could imagine right now, so in the holiday rush, well, everything. So “dolce far niente” (halt-in-chief, left the simple!).

So, in Italy, to the most magnificent places sitting at a small table, a slider to slide, a light orange Sprizz order and a half a night meal get served. A small bowl of salt chips is the least of what you get in Italy, the Aperitivo to follow. A lot more olives, small sandwiches or Salami and cheese will be served. Pretty appetizers on wood platter assorted. “Cicchetti” is called. And here the speech is not even the provided Happy Hour Aperitivo buffet, where you can enjoy the early evening in all the Bars. The bill now heads to the guest is without a doubt much more willing to order a second Aperol spritz. The proper mixing ratio, by the way, according to a bar Manager in Venice – and the cult was born, incidentally, in the Veneto: 3 seconds Aperol, 2 seconds of Prosecco, 1 second of water.

Then Basta Italia
and re-tunnel time. To stay still a bit in holiday mode, sitting in a hip Bar close to the water and ordered a spritz. The bright Drink is also in the Zurich summer what is Herma. “We only have champagne and make the Aperol with champagne. Then the Aperol would be 20 francs,” explained the waiter. There is a shocked silence. I mean, he would have to listen to my thoughts: Wotsch mi bullshit, you Lackaff? Champagne in all honor, it is not mixed in but 3 seconds, liqueur and 1 second mineral water with bubbly and flakes for the orange precious aperitif a red twenties?

The two ordered glasses of Rosé be served. Of course, without the Snack. But on the map – daaa, there’s a complete a nut mix for 7 francs.