Aalter, belgium Fien Lammertyn, it is there, in her living room and managed to get a virtual Everest to climb. They sat on this for almost 16 hours on her stationary bicycle.

Fien Lammertyn, the former multiple world champion fietstrial Kenny Belaey in Aalter, belgium, as well as her sport each and every day through her veins. “Now that we’re all flocking to us in our room to stay, I was in the so-called Everesting Challenge, dare,” says She. “I was in exactly 15 hours and 46 minutes on my stationary bike and rode 268 miles, and I have 10.738 vertical metres of climbing. The plan is to have an 11,000-to-get, but when did the technology for me at the cross. Mount Everest is also good for 8.848 meters of altitude, so I got to the top of the mountain, virtual internet. It was a great experience. Even though it was at times really difficult, I still enjoyed it. I am the first european woman to have been on the Everesting Challenge on the reels to venture and successfully completed it. In between, you can take a ten minute walk from the bike in order to get something to eat, to go to the bathroom.”

for the moment, according to the Everesting website for around the world but are 572 people in the virtual challenge to a successful conclusion.