A 62-year-old no longer expected that he would get the money back: at the beginning of May he had forgotten his briefcase with 14,900 euros in cash at the Furth S-Bahn station – when he noticed this and hurried back, he found his bag , but the content was gone. Only more than two weeks later does he have the money back.

As the federal police reported, a 13-year-old had discovered the envelope with the cash. He got on the S-Bahn and told a friend he happened to meet there about it.

In the end, a whole group of friends who knew each other from school knew about the money. The teenagers didn’t think of handing the find over to the police: Instead, they had a good time. They bought jewelry, backpacks and an e-scooter, and went bowling and dining out.

When they had already spent half the money, the parents noticed that the children were living beyond their means. In the end, the students admitted where they got the money from. A large part of the purchases could be returned, but according to the federal police, the parents had to raise 1,000 to 2,000 euros to make up the difference.

Together with their children, they went to the police in Unterhaching on Tuesday, May 17, and handed over the full amount. Because they are not yet of criminal responsibility, the teenagers’ actions have no legal consequences. “They will still be summoned to a clarifying conversation with the federal police,” the statement said.

The 62-year-old from Sauerlach was able to collect his money from the police.

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