There are several tornadoes that rage in the skies especially in the south in Mississippi, where the three deaths are registered, and northern Louisiana. In addition to that about 300 houses and buildings have been physical damage, it is reported several thousand power outages.

even before the tornadoes reported his arrival, it was made clear from the officially held that to seek refuge from the storm has been the priority in front to keep the distance of smittehensyn. One can in other words don’t reject someone who is trying to seek refuge, and say one cannot be many in one place in the storm because of smittefare.

– If you seek refuge in a public local, cover the nose and mouth with a mask, bandana or scarf, reads the invitation from the Mississippi kriseberedskapsenhet.

According to CNN is more than 95 million people in nearly 20 states within the zone that can highlight the powerful storm Sunday and Monday, including poured down, hail the size of tennisballer and tornadoes.