Former amateur boxing champion Oleg Prudky died at the age of 30 in the Ukraine war. He was on duty for a special police unit in Cherkassy, ​​Ukraine. A base was attacked on Sunday, killing him and three colleagues, The Sun reports.

Prudky was two-time Ukrainian amateur champion. The Ukrainian Boxing Federation said on Instagram: “We are sad to announce that the master of sport of international class in boxing, Ukrainian champion Oleg Prudky, died in the fights with the Russian invaders. The Boxing Federation of Ukraine sends its condolences to the boxer’s family! Golden memories of you Oleg.”

Cherkassy Boxing Federation President Serhiy Tyshchenko added: “Another tragedy in our boxing family. One of the best boxers in the Cherkassy region died in the East.” Prudky leaves behind his wife Mariana and two daughters.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s family has also been in the public eye. Now it comes out: Putin’s daughter was regularly with a Munich plastic surgeon.

It has now been three months since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine on February 24. So far, the Russian army has not been able to achieve its goals, and experts fear that the war could drag on for a long time.

The former head of the British secret service MI6 expects a change of power in Russia – no later than 2023. Various reports support this assumption. And there is said to be a potential successor for Russian President Vladimir Putin.