The sentence was short. The few words dictated Jesper Brodin in September 2018, the “NZZ on Sunday”, were: “We develop a concept in order to rent furniture.” The news raced around the world and made headlines from Malmo to Mumbai.

Since the famous words of the Ikea-Big-boss has been quiet about the idea. Now it shows itself In Quiet, the Swedes have worked on a world scale of your project. And: First, the issue of rental-Commerce to runs in Switzerland, such as Ikea spokesman Aurel trousers can research the “trade newspaper” confirmed: “First of all, the furniture rental will be launched in Switzerland, which is an Ikea-world premiere, which begins this week.”


it is expected, However, the yellow plays blue giant furniture rent to start differently than expected. Different and smaller. The world public that are now classics, such as Billy bookcase, Klippan Sofa, or Pax closet system to anyone and every woman rents would, focuses Ikea rather on selected product ranges and customer groups. The furniture rental will be tested in different markets in different ways, says pants can; in the Netherlands, for instance, with students, other test groups are planned in Sweden and Poland.

the First target audience is in Switzerland, companies are customers. Not a single piece of furniture to be rented, but all the packages. IKEA’s entry into a subscription model (Subscription Economy) is not to be understood as a time-limited pilot, but as a definite step in a new field, says pants can: “We are in a constant Beta process. As a Software constantly receives Updates, we want to improve the Möbelabo constantly.”

those Who rent longer, pay less

The Benefits for the company in Sweden in the Approach to a new model: “By Möbelabo we can try the approach of circular economy. If the customer stop the subscription we will take back the rented furniture, and run it through the program “Second Life” resale.”

the Benefit for the customer: your capital is not tied up, they remain in respect of furnishings to be flexible and able to respond to staff turnover. The latter is likely to be especially appreciated by Startups that are not able to assess their workforce planning often. A fundamental principle of the programme: The longer the rent, take, the cheaper it is.

For your Swiss premiere program Ikea Switzerland-countries boss Simona Scarpaleggia stacks for the First one deep: Currently, twenty SMEs and Startups in the German part of Switzerland are looking for the office furniture rental.

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on offer in Switzerland, already some of the smaller players office furniture rental. With the entry of Ikea, the basic model of the rental could accommodate-Commerce, but it is strong to travel, believes Thomas -Rudolph from the St. Gallen Institute of retail management, says, “the Mainstream of this service is not so fast. But when a Top-of-Mind brand like Ikea gets into the topic of Möbelabo, this can enliven the whole sector.”

furniture only for a few seasons,

For the Ikea offer to speak that package come as an all-Round carefree therefore: “If services such as delivery and installation are included, of course, plays the aspect of convenience. A certain part of the Ikea clientele, putting on a determined value.” In the case of a part of the consumers, the idea could be points that you can rent furniture almost as a fashionable product and a few seasons so that could surround it.

Thomas Rudolph signed together with Severin Bishop as the author of the recently published study “subscriptions and subscription models for the Swiss trade”. Where the Bishop sees a challenge for the Swedish giant: “The Problem with physical products like furniture: they can not be used simultaneously by multiple users, why not to the same extent economies of scale come into effect as in the case of digital goods. Also, if the furniture can then be used by other customers.”

a single piece of furniture, but the Business will not be Rented, packages in two thematic fields. Theme one: jobs with office chair, office table, Cabinet, cupboard, and a smart lighting system via an App or remote control. Issue two: the meeting room.

relative to the job Ikea Switzerland six different packages to choose from, which differ in terms of style and Standard of each other. 18 different sized packages it for the meeting room.

For the best job package (value of goods 950 Swiss francs) is the rent in the first year, 70 francs per month. Minimum duration: twelve months. In the second year, the monthly rent is reduced to the half (35 Swiss francs), the notice period is two months. Delivery and Assembly as well as Dismantling and return delivery are included in the price.