Four years late to the digital film was a film of John Lee Hancock’s “Founder” (The Founder, 2016) — a biopic of multi-millionaire ray Kroc (1902-1984). Honestly, the movie should be called “Thief”: CROC (Michael Keaton) is not founded the McDonald’s Empire, and pressed the ingenious inventors of fast food — chestah dick (Nick Offerman) and Poppy (John Carroll Lynch) MacDonald. Shaking off the confusion caused by the film Mikhail Trofimenkov has decided not to worry about what I wanted to say its creators, it is important that they are objectively said.Aniline expires sky languor. Young mothers in sunglasses, surrounded by a brood of children, dig that your a vamp, in a delicious light burgers that in 1954 could be found only in the Californian city of San Bernardino. Girls in short skirt clearly licking ice cream on a stick. Dudes with sideburns a La Elvis are snapped fingers at the music machines. African Americans in the queue to the window café of the brothers McDonald competes serene white smiles with the Yankees.The salesman Kroc unsuccessfully vparivayut customers folding tables, paper cups, multimixer, the smile of a serial killer, Mike is an alcoholic, boxers, a bottle of whiskey for dinner and mania to listen to before bed record of a guru who preaches persistence as the key to success. Taking into account the actor’s biography Keaton, the temptation is to call him the hero Batman, who was born a rat and otomstili humanity for their unsuccessful implementation.His companions suddenly formed, and — soon thereafter — the victims, the McDonald brothers, Kroc for are other epithets: “the Fox in the henhouse”, “the wolf in the house.” Let Lis, let the wolf: social Darwinism as the guiding light crock. Business is war, man to man — wolf. Or, as I would say the Hollywood gangsters of the 1930s, “if you killed her grandmother, so the grandmother had to die.”The MacDonald — characteristic appearance “screaming fatties”, brand characters on-screen universe of the Coen brothers. However, they did not yell, and, wiping away tears and snot, crawl away from under the hoofs crock, clutching sweaty zhmenya sickly compensation for parting with his life’s work, his pride.The question is: for whom should we, the audience — for the topping because of its verbessertes the winner or for human “chips”, blown to the side in the wood business-forests? The fact that every American has every right to consider itself the bearer of the American dream. The trouble is that this dream multiple.The dream of the McDonald brothers, these, if anything, redneck — Thrifty, homespun, community. So the food was delicious as my mom’s, so no chemicals and, even more so, no, Holy, Holy, Holy, instant cocktails that quality prevailed over quantity. They do not need the ber�� Turkish, and Africa does not need them. CROC throws in the face of these earnest Republicans terrible by the standards of the 1950s, the word, calls them “beatniks”, which meant almost “Communists.” His dream, globalist, imperialist, wins: McDonald’s currently has more than one hundred countries on all continents. And voluntarily eat them unless conditional Kinshasa or on the remote shores of the Turkish. Simply because nowhere else (and if there is where it is fatal). Well, Yes, of course, won the American dream version of the crock, though, specnum of the brothers McDonald, avoid the temptation to call it more of a dream objectively anti-American.