At Buckingham Palace have discovered the secret room, reports The Sun.

According to sources, in 1844 Queen Victoria and Prince albert opened the chapel, which operated until 1940. It was destroyed by a German air RAID. After that, the chapel was moved to the South-Eastern part of the Palace.

In addition, the Buckingham Palace is the office of the Royal personal physician Timothy Evans. It is noted that the medic is always at the workplace, while its services are available only to members of the dynasty and staff.

Previously, Elizabeth II had a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. The Queen showed a White room with a giant chandelier with Golden candlesticks, the Throne room with high ceilings, multiple chandeliers and two red chairs of carved and gilded beech wood. Subscribers were able to see the thrones of the 94-year-old Queen and the 99-year-old Prince Philip.

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703. It has 775 rooms, 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. The Palace officially controlled by the 188 members of the British Royal family. Summer Palace is visited by about 50 thousand guests who participate in receptions in the Royal garden, where there is a lake and waterfalls.