Now the company already 1700 specimens of king-fish, as it is called since ancient times. They began to grow in Semikarakorsk with 2001, receiving eggs from wild spawners. While the method of producing caviar for subsequent fertilization and rearing of fry was barbaric. As told in the Azov-don basin administration for fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources, sturgeon were caught in natural waters and simply scored to get the valuable caviar. When the number of sturgeon in the South fell sharply, harvesting of wild spawners in the fisheries had ceased.

Since 2008, Russia has passed to a new method of obtaining caviar for sturgeon reproduction in which there is no need to kill individuals. The same Beluga began to grow in enterprises, including in the Rostov region.

– white sturgeon – an endangered species, now it is about the preservation of nature. The don first got her fry from own broodstock, says the head of the Azov-don branch of the fgbi “Glavrybvod” Yuri Liskin.

the Offspring gave the oldest white sturgeon females that were raised at the company since 2001 and only now they have reached the age of sexual maturity.

the nature of sturgeon fish are considered to be long-lived. In natural conditions, stellate sturgeon lives for up to 30 years, sturgeon for more than 50 years, and some species and Beluga can proplavit to a hundred years. These fish are very prolific, sometimes the weight of eggs from large females is almost a quarter of total body weight.

this time the “parents” of the fry, in contrast to the murderous antiquated method of obtaining caviar, was not injured. “Selected two “caviar” female (by the way, before puberty in sturgeon is impossible to define, a female it or the male). They made a special shot, after which the fish will start to give eggs when touching her abdomen. Also got a sexual product for males. In a special apparatus joined them, there was fertilization, were born from eggs, the larvae, which are launched to the pool, where they developed and, eventually, turned to fry,” – said Yuri Liskin.

Beluga “cubs” raised in a pond at the company about six weeks when they reached a weight of about four grams, they were sent into the wild. Factory fry released in the lower reaches of the don, for the Kochetovsky hydrosystem, where it will go to the Azov sea and the Black sea.

it Should be noted that the survival rate of fingerlings Beluga in nature is not high, so to restore the strength of the king-fish is not easy. “Until a fish falls from the don to the sea of Azov, and thence into the Black, will be a stage she grows up, but this time will survive a small percentage of released juveniles”, – complained in rybohozjajstvennyj. On the survival of Beluga and other sturgeon species is influenced by natural and unnatural factors to PRimeru, poachers. Now plans don aquaculturists to produce young white sturgeon annually.