Astronaut estimated the chances of getting coronavirus to the ISS

NASA Astronaut, crew member of ISS-62/63 Chris Cassidy, assessed the chances of getting coronavirus infection to the International space station arrived there on April 9 crew. According to him, they are zero.

the Astronaut during the telebriefing expressed confidence that the new team, among whose members he himself, Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner could not bring the disease to the ISS.

“We are very strictly followed… there was almost no interaction between our crew and the people from the outside world,” — said the astronaut.

Cassidy has expressed regret in connection with what is happening in the world, comparing the global quarantine that are cosmonauts and astronauts before space launches. According to him, this mission felt a bit different, because the astronauts left Earth during the global crisis due to the coronavirus.