Ben Moore’s work is highly theoretical Astro-physicist is trying to simulate, for example, with the help of super computers, the creation of the universe. His main residence of the Briton in Davos GR, where he also wrote his latest, a popular scientific book about the moon. We met him in Zurich, where Moore is a Professor at the University of active.

Unfortunately, I was too small to remind me of the Moment when Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. But the last manned moon landing in 1972, left a lasting impression.

My father, he was a Forester, went with me to the outside. I was six years old. We looked to the moon that was three-quarters full, and imagined that we were able to see the command capsule, which circled around the moon.

Laika the first living creature in Orbit. It died at All. The has engaged children for decades. You too?
I was shocked when I heard it for the first Time. There were also adults who were disturbed in mind, although that was a bit hypocritical. Most of them had nothing against it, animals eat it, the suffering also.

I have tried in my whole life not a single Time meat. My parents are the first vegetarian North of England, were probably, where I grew up.

From a scientific point of view: That the moon had once been a part of the earth. The texture of the stone is proof of the samples, the astronauts from the moon brought back. They have the same atomic structure as the Rocks of the earth.

That the moon is a small Planet that was captured by earth’s gravity. Because the moon has no atmosphere, no Wind on it blows and no rain falls on him, he is a kind of Museum for the formation of the solar system. Its surface is unaffected. Up on the crater created by the impact of asteroids.

Some of the largest originated four billion years ago. The fact that you can look at something Old from earth with the naked eye, is pretty cool!

as a Whole showed, have changed the way humanity itself is considered complete. Why?
That the whole history of mankind is happening on this little blue ball, which is surrounded by the Black of the infinite universe, let us as individuals may seem insignificant.

Maybe people have forgotten, for a Moment, your ordinary thinking. What is certain is that The Apollo missions have shown what we are capable of, when Motivation and resources are available. The first landing on the moon is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Even if it was a result of the ideological battle between communism and capitalism.

The Cold war lasted for a rather long time. The Space Race was, however, an important dispersion, in which a lot of money and Effort has been invested, and the combination of all the Western countries. I don’t like to imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been for you.

There is something, what could unite the whole world: the fight against global warming. The salvation of our planet must be our most important common goal. to do

with the exploration of outer space?
If the various countries there to cooperate, you might also be on the earth.

100 billion is a lot of money. However, return to the moon, would be less than one percent of the cost of what is spent each year globally for Military.

The moon is the stepping stone to Mars. To him, people will land at some point. It would be easier to launch from the moon than from the earth, the attraction of which is about six times larger than the moon. In the Depths of the crater, it has billions of tons of frozen water. If it is split, it could serve as a fuel for rockets. The moon is also a test laboratory for the influences of the cosmos on the human body.

The trip to Mars and back could take up to three years. So long has never spent someone time at All. The radiation can cause cancer, and the gravity causes the bones to reduce start. Even our DNA is changing a bit. We need to figure out how our body can survive this journey.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help to stand at this Moment on a scale, because it is pulled by the gravitational pull of the moon to the top.

Similar ?
To a distance of 5000 kilometers, the earth raises around half a Meter. The is very little.

to close The curtains. Light can disturb a Sleep.

I could imagine that a couple of billionaires sitting on the glassed-in terraces of their villas and have a glass of the Globe of red wine, consider. Today, it costs more than 10’000 Swiss francs, to send goods from just one kilogram into space. So it would be an expensive bottle of wine.

Why not?

For example. Or imagine how far a javelin on the moon would fly.

the info line of the book (the publisher has asked that we show the Cover):

Ben Moore: “the moon – a biography” (kein & Aber)

Ben Moore (53) is a Professor of astrophysics. The Briton is concerned with the formation of planets and their moons. Moore lives since 2002 in Switzerland, where he teaches at the University of Zurich and does research, for example, about the possible existence of non-earthly life. In addition, he produces electronic music and writes columns. Moore is married, father of two children and has a dog Named Bertrand Russell.