Astrakhan Italian-pizza maker showed what it's like true pizza

It can be said, and grew up in the bakery his father in Rome has its own pizzeria, which employs the whole family. Before school ended Massimiliano also stood at the stove. Then he did not even know that a few years will be to continue his father’s business in another country.

for the past year, as he opened his pizzeria in Astrakhan, the Motherland of his beloved Svetlana.

From the Tiber to the Volga

Their affair began when Svetlana was a student of the faculty of service and tourism of the Astrakhan state technical University went to practice in Egypt. Seeing the blonde girl at the reception Desk of the hotel Massimiliano couldn’t take my eyes off it. But he didn’t know a word of Russian, with translation to the young man helped the other, and then Svetlana started to teach Italian for the PhraseBook. When the girl returned to Russia, Massimiliano called her every day, soon arrived in Astrakhan, and they were married.

Photo: iStock Another Italian city began to sell houses for one Euro

– We are people risky, – says Svetlana, – before the wedding saw a total of 11 days, the rest of the time talked on the phone. When we announced the wedding, my family was very surprised, almost no one knew I was seeing someone.

at First the couple settled in Rome, were born to daughter Michelle and Sofia. Massimiliano and his parents all the time at work at the bakery to help Svetlana with young children no one. The couple decided to return to Russia, where he came to the rescue parents Lights and a kindergarten. Issues, what to do in Astrakhan, does not even arise.

Pizza is something I know from childhood, so I was confident that everything will turn out, – tells Massimiliano, not forgetting from time to time to look in the oven. She’s standing right near the bar – when ordering coffee, visitors couldut to see delicious melted cheese on a browned tortilla.

where’s the sausage?

Here in Italy pizza is not washed down with coffee. They SIP the wine. In an extreme case – water. So the first time the habit of Astrakhan eat pizza with a cappuccino or tea was unusual for Italian chefs. For city dwellers surprise was the appearance of the dish.

– we Have all the stuffing is completely covered with cheese, and in Astrakhan, on the contrary: the chicken, the mushrooms one by one – all on top of the spread, – says Svetlana. And our guests began to be indignant: “where is the sausage? You probably made a mistake and gave us the wrong pizza!” We say: “And you take a bite and find a filling!” So everyone is waiting for that top should lie fried pepperoni.

the Essence of the pizza is not in the filling and in the dough, so very advanced masters never open his list of ingredients

But Astrakhan relished tradition of the owners of the pizzeria to chat with guests as good friends. At home Massimiliano taken Hello, to ask visitors about business and joking around. It relieves the tension and makes it truly a family.

Svetlana apologizes and runs away to take another order. A girl around helps her husband: she and the receptionist and the waiter.

the Business plan of the institution they were together. Chose a place with Parking in a busy area where many offices and educational institutions, ordered equipment, products.

– the Ingredients are there Russian, Italian flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella, – says Svetlana. But brought the flour we mix with our, Russian. It turns out delicious. We still bake bread, but now its all sold out. Here, the second bread maker ordered now, I hope, enough for everyone.

the roach no time Photo: Andrey Sazonov As presented to daughter Bunny suggested whiteRusu idea of your business

in preparation For the opening took less than a month. To save time and money, the couple rented a room, where previously housed a cafe, so it already had everything I needed. From the new entourage is that Italian music and TV Massimiliano watching your favorite football matches. He himself, until recently, played in Astrakhan football team, but no time, need to develop the pizzeria. Even fishing can’t get her in Astrakhan Massimiliano very fond of, especially like to catch a roach, in the spring it is one for another bite at the bait – a real pleasure.

All the dishes in its pizzeria Massimiliano preparing myself, but recently hired an assistant. Gradually trains him to properly lay out the dough, it should be done only by hand. But the dough recipe does not tell it’s a big family secret that Massimiliano will only transmit to their children.

Statepath facts about pizza

1. Originally, pizza was a favorite food of the poor. They used the dough as a bowl and spread on it the remains of food.

2. The biggest pizza was made in Pesaro. The classic “Margarita” was a length of 240 meters, its creation had spent 50 thousand euros.

3. There are more than two thousand pizza recipes, and most of all love her… in the USA!

4. To 859-anniversary of Moscow one of the pizzerias fashioned Italian dish in the form of a map of the capital of Russia. It depicted a street, square, the Kremlin, Sparrow hills.

5. In 2001 pizza delivered into space. She went to ISS on spectacle .