There is introduced the curfew in Spain because of the coronavirus, and it collides with cykelrytternes job.

Spain is one of the countries that have introduced the curfew for the population, the time to get to grips with the spread of the coronavirus.

the Exceptions are that you must go out, when you need to buy groceries, medicine or to perform his work. The latter exception gives, however, rise to the disagreement, especially one profession – cyclists.

A part of their working day usually is to work out outside. So far the Spanish authorities have not, however, recognized that it is a part of the job.

– Some of our team mates was out for a workout on Sunday, but they were sent home by the police, tells the Astana-rider Gorka Izagirre to the Spanish sportsmedie AS.

But udendørstræning is a must for a professional road, believes Jacob Fuglsangs teammate. He will now try to get it recognized by the authorities.

– We are in contact with the ACP (the Association for Professional Cyclists, red.). It must determine whether it is a part of our profession to exercise outdoors, says the 32-year-old Spanish rider.

Even though the ACP should recognize the outdoor training as a part of the job description for the riders, it is not certain that the authorities will subsequently follow suit.

Izagirre acknowledges that there are no guarantees for anything. But he hopes that it will succeed.

The former Spanish Tour de France winner Pedro Delgado is trying on Twitter to back up on the Gorka Izagirre and the other riders.

– It will be a disaster for his ability to perform compared to riders in other countries, write Delgado on Twitter.

Us who are not professional longer, can stay at home. But a professional, who engage in a sport alone, must be able to maintain its routines.

Unless the Spanish authorities allow the training outdoors, do the riders in Spain, preliminary to settle with the exercise bike at home.