Administrative barriers, long-term decision-making at different levels, as well as possible violations of the Executive authorities, which hinder the development of business in the capital can be resolved — say, in the Metropolitan headquarters for the protection of the business. How the organization operates, who and how it can really help, learned

Each office for the protection of business located in the same building with the city of Moscow on Voznesensky pereulok. Come there during working hours can be anyone.

“This was done specifically to entrepreneurs without the bureaucratic difficulties, without barriers could get in to see us and to voice your problem or complaint,” — said the head of Department on ensuring activities of staff Anatoly Maltsan.

However, usually businessmen first come to the staff by phone or email. In the reception four lawyers respond to calls on the hotline, conduct initial consultation and decide most of the individual questions.

Often fix the problem is within the phone consultation. If the application requires more careful consideration, the staff sent requests to the Government of Moscow and Federal authorities, if necessary, involve the cooperation of lawyers from legal Council at the headquarters. It can be successful lawyers, lawyers of large Moscow firms, as well as teachers of specialized universities.

“the Staff can mediate the formation of the business support system based on mass appeals on the same issue, if they require systemic solutions. So, most of the anti-crisis measures to support small and medium-sized businesses and changes in the rules of granting subsidies in the last three months was formed and implemented on the basis of business applications, including those collected by the headquarters”, — said the head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin.

the Headquarters for the protection of the business started in 2012. It includes 16 departments of the government of Moscow, whose activities are connected with business activities in the city and seven territorial bodies of Federal power in Moscow — the Federal Antimonopoly service, Federal tax service, Rosreestr, the Ministry of internal Affairs, Rospotrebnadzor, the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Fes.

Among the tasks of staff — creation of favorable conditions for doing business in the capital, improvement of legislation and promotion of competition. From 2019, the office for the activities of the headquarters is headed by Anatoly Maltsan. His team consists of 15 professionals.

All SOTthe mines have graduated from the leading universities of the country, have experience in the civil service, and in business. Some moved for the sake from other regions. In addition to conducting personal visits and individual consultations, staff are systemic problems, and organizational-analytical work, organize the dialogue between business and power, find and help eliminate deficiencies and gaps in the legislation.

“Headquarters structure is not external. This is the structure in the Government of Moscow and its main purpose is to protect the rights of entrepreneurs. We are in a good sense are advocates of entrepreneurs”, — says Anatoly Maltsan.

In 2018, the headquarters received about 200 complaints from entrepreneurs. In 2019 — 400. Only three month of the temporary restrictions in the capital, from March to June 2020. Of these, 2328 telephone hot line and written 1242.

the Basic questions asked by entrepreneurs in the period of high alert, concerned the possibility of resuming work, obtaining permits, removing unnecessary fines for getting around the city, deferral of taxes, subsidies and benefits, as well as disputes on rent. Answered 357 calls for the resumption of the activities (ability to work, the illegal prohibition or restriction on the work of the Council, the Prefecture, the lessor), on 249 applications on the issues of permits to work, movement of personnel and so forth, 192 the appeals on the issues of subsidies, benefits, financial aid.

“of Course, the entrepreneurs hit hard by the situation connected with the spread of coronavirus infection. In addition, various state acts out almost every day. Many entrepreneurs need help to understand the situation. We took on this function,” explains Anatoly Maltsan.

due To the constant need to outreach staff in collaboration with the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow, Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry and GBU “Moscow Small business” for entrepreneurs on how lawful act in a given situation.

Manuals-presentation “Algorithms for business and self-employed” are designed to help find answers to questions in different situations in the field of rental, credit, employment and other relationships. They contain sketchy answers to questions such as, for example, the bankruptcy of the company, the transfer of staff to udalenku, getting a conclusion on force majeure and others. Members of staff have produced more than 50 editions of the collections. They are subsequently updated. View and download algorithms in telegram channel and on “Yandex.Disk”.

the lawyers of the headquarters decide in private��dew. For example, during a pandemic, become relevant issues associated with the banking sector.

“there Were a lot of credit applications, when the banks for some reason did not go to meet entrepreneurs. For example, a trading company, the Bank has drastically reduced the limits on credit. We quickly jumped in, checked that the entrepreneur meets established Bank criteria, talked to the Bank and the entrepreneur increased the credit to 500 thousand, which helped him avoid a cash gap,” says Anatoly Maltsan.

Another revealing story — the failure of a major Bank to issue to the owner of network of shops of goods for children’s creativity a loan for the salaries of employees under the Government promised zero percent. The situation was complicated by the fact that the businesswoman was in the mode of self-isolation with two small children and could not come to a meeting at the Bank. After the intervention of staff loan was issued on signed documents remotely.

One of the important directions of work of staff — improve business environment and remove administrative barriers. The headquarters for the protection of the business directly interacts with entrepreneurs, their treatment and the feedback helps professionals to solve systemic issues of capital business. During the work of their staff resolved more than 70. From among their recommended solutions is the extension of the terms of payment of advance payments of land tax, property tax, deferred payment of the property (initially, the Moscow Government gave it only to those who rent property from the city) and others.

To work on improving the business climate, the staff have built effective channels of communication with business associations: the Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry, the Moscow regional branch of “Business Russia”, authorized for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in Moscow and other. In addition, to study the issues formed working groups.

So, the working group of tenants and landlords of commercial property when staff developed and submitted to the President, the government and the Mayor’s recommendations to support the industry. In particular, experts propose to abandon reconsideration of the increase of the cadastral value, to reduce tax rates on property and land.

Among the most successful decisions taken before the pandemic is to develop a unified list of documents for approval of holding cultural events in parks under the jurisdiction of the Department of culture of Moscow, and report thereon.

Among the popular projects of staff on the platform

July 14 at 12:00 scheduled online event “the entrepreneur Hour” on the subject

For participants of business disputes that cannot be resolved in the order oninformal complaints, the staff organizes a meeting in the presence of lawyers.

last year received 118 complaints about actions of Executive authorities of Moscow. In 52 cases, the applicant was wrong. 35 problems have been solved through the actions of lawyers and staff, 15 in the course of negotiations at the site of the headquarters, six were court decisions have been made. Other requests are still in work. Mediation techniques have a great importance in the work of the headquarters.

“About 80 percent of the situations where a claimant’s rights, we are able to obtain solutions using action center or through direct negotiations, we organized”, — concluded Anatoly Maltsan.

to Contact the headquarters with the complaint to actions of the authorities and administrative barriers can any representative of capital of small, medium or large business, a sole proprietorship. The organization does not have restrictions on the amount and direction of the business.

to Contact the legal staff at the hotline: +7 (475) 620-20-45 from 08:00 to 20:00 or send an email to: To learn more about the organization’s activities and events on the official website and also in social networks “Vkontakte”, “Facebook” and “Instagram”.