The minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer was unveiled on Sunday 14 October at 20 Minutes the results of national assessments at the beginning of CP and CE1, as criticized by teachers ‘ unions. And the results are not good.

Based on these assessments, 23 % of the students in the beginning of CP have difficulties to recognize letters and the sound they produce and ” 8 % have difficulty recognizing the numbers dictated “. “Concerning the students in the beginning of CE1, 30 % read fewer than thirty words per minute, while the national goal is fifty words. A student in two (49 %) had difficulty in mental calculation, and 47 % have concerns to solve problems, ” continued Mr. Blanquer.

To the minister, ” social problems and family may explain some delays, particularly in language “. “It is up to the school to bring to this child that his family has not been able to give it to him. We must not leave any student “, he says.

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“cue Points safe”

Responding to the criticism from some unions on the effectiveness of these tests and the risk of stressing schoolchildren, the minister ensures that they are ” a lever for their success.” “They were not created to fail students, but in a spirit of benevolence,” insists Mr. Blanquer. Not to answer all the questions is ” not a sign of failure “, he says. For him, ” with these national tests, the assessment is scientific and complete. The cue points are more safe ” with the evaluations that were already conducted by the teachers.

The minister of education also presented Monday to the board of higher education draft law which seeks in particular to make school compulsory from the age of 3 years old at the start of 2019, compared to 6 currently.

According to Mr. Blanquer, it ” will focus on the kindergarten and on the acquisition of language. The reform of the initial training of the teachers [also required by the bill] will allow us to also strengthen their skills “.

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