Assessed the efficacy of homemade masks

Homemade masks have almost the same efficiency as class N95 respirators recommended for the medical staff of the United States. To such conclusion the conclusion reached by scientists from Argonne national laboratory in the United States. Their study is available on the website of the journal ACS Nano.

According to reports, the masks of two layers of fabric of different type, for example, cotton and silk, a delay of from 80 to 99 percent of particles in aerosols.

the Worst results showed single-layer masks: they freely conceded the most fine particles dispersed into the air of liquid particles and solid matter.

Experts also evaluated the effectiveness of the homemade and of medical masks, depending on their fit to the face. The ability to filter particles fell almost twice from all types of masks, if there is a gap between the skin and the protective agent.

In early April, American scientists have uncovered the ways to re-use of masks for health care workers. For disinfection of the remedies identified three common methods — heat treatment, ultraviolet treatment and the vapors of hydrogen peroxide (VPH).