What do you see when you think of a terrorist? This is a question that the U.S. magazine “Time set” on Thursday of its readership. Five days after the right-wing assassination of El Paso with 22 dead. The answer was the magazine itself: one of the Islamist jihadists.

This is understandable, the terrorist attacks on September 11. September 2001 deeply in the consciousness of Americans burned. And the Islamic state (IS) referred to the United States as one of its main enemies.

And yet is outdated the notion. It is not only since the terrorist attack of El Paso. The biggest threat to the US today comes from the inside. Of “White Supremacists”, the white extreme Right.

the face of the terror of the reality fits in the minds of Americans only slowly, is human. Problematic, then, it will, if those a rethink in time to fight the danger at the Front: politician and intelligence agent.

Still, U.S. security agencies are aligned to one side of the Islamists. According to the FBI, only 20 percent of the resources to be used against the home-made terrorist. A few years ago, the FBI said so-called Eco-terrorists to the threat number one in terms of political violence in the country.

the facts are clear: Since 11. September have exercised extreme Right in the United States, more than three times as many attacks as Islamists. In the period from 2009 to 2018, the White Supremacists were for 73 percent of all dead as a result of extremist attacks. And the victim numbers are increasing. Alone in 2018 in the United States at least 50 people from the extreme Right murdered as many as they have been for decades more 2019 is likely to again be a record year.

the US security authorities have not adjusted in the light of this development, its focus long ago, is incomprehensible. And deadly. Especially since experts have warned for years against the growing threat posed by white supremacists. The US policy has ignored the Appeals, almost systematically, and Attempts by consultants to align the fight against terrorism in the Bud.

at the very least, xenophobic assassination of El Paso would have both the security authorities as well as the well-established public policy to rethink force. But the hope remains manageable, at the state of peak a man who fuelled the hatred of right-wing nationalists with his rhetoric and legitimacy: Donald Trump. He has only identified a few weeks ago, a very different danger: the Antifa-movement. The were “sick, bad” people. He was considering them as terrorists to be classified.