Assad and Rouhani made statements on the war in Syria

Hostile to the Syrian state continue to protect terrorists, said the head of state Bashar al-Assad at a meeting with speaker of Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani in Damascus.

Assad emphasized that the terrorists are using civilians as human shields, and the enemies of Syria are trying to protect them. And his country should be completely freed of the militants.

Larijani announced Iran’s readiness to support Syria in combating terrorism.

Simultaneously, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that to abandon the Sochi agreements on Syria is impossible, the negotiations should continue. And he hopes that Turkey will fulfill its obligations, reports RIA Novosti.

Tehran has offered help to the parties at the background of the aggravated situation in Idlib. After the failure of the militants of another ceasefire in the Northern zone of de-escalation began a military operation, during which Syrian security forces have regained control of more than half of Idlib, and the southern and Western neighborhood of Aleppo.