Dejan Stojanovic (26) have Shortly after St. Gallen’s training starting in June: accepted Alain Sutter is asked whether the increase in competition by Jonathan Klinsmann (22). Sutter laughs out loud and says. “What he thinks about it, plays no role. He has to deal with it.”

He tuts! Stojanovic St. Gallen’s number one remains. He confirmed the slight edge, the coach Peter Zeidler to the gave way. His preparation was almost free. Competitor Klinsmann had in there in between, a shake, presented itself, in principle, to the satisfaction of his chiefs.

coach Zeidler said: “We have two good goalkeepers. They move practically at eye level. Stojanovic has increased thanks to the competition but still time. That’s why he plays.”

Stojanovic was never controversial, since it Giorgio Contini in January 2018 for long-time goalkeeper Daniel Lopar (34) into the goal set. Stojanovic was often the image of St. Gallen, especially under coach Peter Zeidler: well, in between, even outstanding, all too often, however, unreliable. In the case of Stojanovic, which means for example: hesitant in the run Out, unfocused with the foot.

Klinsis Motto: keep fighting!

The draw in Basel, for example, he saved the aspen, however, is a points, as the capitals win in the beginning of April in new castle, banished the worst Barrage-fears of St. Gallen. There was even a Penalty of Xamax clippers Raphaël Nuzzolo.

Klinsmann as a vicious competitor Stojanovics concentration should increase, his penchant for negligence fix. The preparation seems to be for First worked.

Klinsmann said early on what it would mean if he should start as a replacement for man: “Then it’s the way it is, and then I do everything I can to change that.”

knocked Down, checked on me junior do not need to be. The decision against him is not final. Has only contributes a percentage of his father’s ambition, will he afflict himself, so that he plays soon. At the beginning of 2020, when Jürgen Klinsmann comes as planned to St. Gallen.